The Miracle Prayer

The Story of ‘The Miracle Prayer’

“It was 2005, I had just finished a 10-day, silent Vipassana session in North Fork, CA and was guided from ‘the inner’, to go to Mt. Shasta.  I arrived in my van, in winter.   I didn’t seem to notice the cold at all and just marveled at the beautiful, glistening snow in the sunlight.

I had been visiting a shop on main street called “Angel Wings” and had admired the beautiful, playful, colorful drawings a Japanese woman had on display in the shop… I could really feel the energy emanating from the drawings!  The drawings were of Mt. Fuji, Mt. Shasta and Quan Yin.  I was hoping to meet the artist one day….

One morning, I woke up early and I had been fasting.  It was a magical day.  I knew from inner guidance to walk into town, I was feeling curious, with no particular place to go…. I was then blessed with noticing these special footsteps in the snow, that must have belong to a person 7 to 8 feet tall!  And I thought, a Lemurian!  Magic was in the air and my imagination was flowing…

I was then guided to go to a bookstore, I browsed some books on the life of Christ and then wanted to go to the Angel Wings store.  When I got there, there was a new person behind the counter.  We started talking and I found out that she was the artist of the drawings that I admired so much!  She said she had just had a most amazing experience last night.  She said that she had heard much about a group that gathered in Mt. Shasta and a woman channeled “Sananda”, the ascended Jesus.  She said she went for the first time last night (she was always working before and couldn’t go); and she was very impressed with how ‘clear’ the channel was and the whole group was blessed with high-energies and information.   Then, she said the most wonderful thing happened… at the end of the channel…the woman said: “Wait…I have a special message tonight for someone because it is their birthday, and I am to give her and all of you this prayer of Faith.”  This is what she said:

“How can I exercise Faith today, beyond what I know and experience a miracle in each moment?”        — Sananda

When the artist shared that prayer at the shop, I felt a strong urge to write it down.  I thanked her and then, left the store.   Walking on the sidewalk, I felt to say the prayer three times.  Oh, my God!   Then miracles really started happening!  I understood, from Spirit, to now go to a special place I had wanted to go for a long time, the Mt. Shasta Abby; but, the timing never seemed right…Well, right now, the timing was right!   As I walked to my van, I was very excited; then, I felt a heavy thought come to me:  “Wait, I am out of money and almost out of gas, how can I do this now?”  Then I heard this thought from my right-side, from Jesus/Sananda, saying: “Remember, exercise Faith.”   So then, I laughed and then continued walking…

I got in my van, sat for a few minutes and assessed my situation, shed a few tears of letting my fear go and started on my way.  On the way there, I was noticing everything around me was multi-dimensional and so very beautiful and interesting!  What looked like a mountain (Black Butte) in the physical; now, I also knew and saw, was the Galactic Command Center for Mt. Shasta!   And, not only that, but the Higher-selves of the one’s at the Abbey serving as the Galactic Command!  Awesome!

When I got to the Abby, I stopped, got out and wrote down the contact information to set-up a future appointment.  When I got back into my van and started it, the gas register went from empty to read almost half-full! What fun!  What magic!  And it continued, it kept happening every moment, all day!

Over the years, as I kept saying and sharing this prayer, I was wondering why it worked so great.  I feel that, the words “beyond what I know”, to me, means getting out of my head and into my heart and into my intuition-feeling part of life…where dreams, magic and miracles happen!  Also, for me, ‘beyond what I know’ is giving permission to the Divine to do what is best for me, beyond whatever I may think I know or want.

As the years have gone by, I’ve now modified the prayer to reflect my thinking and knowing.  I’ve changed the words: I Am Presence (Higher-self) and Jesus (as Sananda).

Later, as I continued to focus on the love of the Mother and the feminine nature of life all around us; the rose became a strong representation of Mother’s Love.   So, I started making my “Celestial Rose Petal Potpourri” blessings, attached the prayer, to spread “the joy!”.  Most recently, I decided I liked starting the prayer with gratitude; so, I now open with ‘Thank you!’ and added the Mother part of God.

So now, you have the story….

Miracles happen, especially if you Call (pray) upon them!  I ask people to hold the sachet to their heart (or if you don’t have the sachet, just put your hands on your heart); think of the miracles you want, feel into the gratitude of all that you have, and say the prayer three times. Sometimes, don’t even specify a particular miracle, so that Spirit surprises me!   I also know that if more people join in saying the prayer together…miracles happen even better and faster!  God, how I appreciate Grace!

The Miracle Prayer:

“Thank you ‘Beloved I Am Presence’, God/Mother/Jesus, for helping me exercise Faith today, beyond what I know and experience a Miracle of Grace, in each moment”