The Berkeley Psychic Institute… Truth


About 2001-2, I became interested in ‘The Berkeley Psychic Institute’ and attended classes and workshops in Sacramento.  The Institute is based on ‘The Church of Man’, so I felt good about it, since it had a God-focus.  I signed up for one of their classes, Spiritual Psychology 101, I called it.  I remembered learning a great deal about chakras, auric fields, grounding cords and creating invisible, energetic, psychic forms and then feeling them.  I liked it very much.  Finally, the last day of class came and we had a ‘psychic test’.  I thought that was funny, a psychic test in a psychic class.  How do you test that?   It went like this for me:

The teacher of the class told us she would make three statements and we were to determine the true/false answers ourselves and write them down; not to discuss them and she would let us know at the end of class if we got it right or not.  The statements the teacher made were pretty basic and she was a pro.  No emotion or facial expressions to give a ‘true or false’ hint in any way.  The sample statements were like this:  1) I live in a house that is painted white and yellow and have a cat named Tabby.  2) I have lived in this town for 10 years and on Thursday nights I attend a night class at the City College.  3) Last weekend I went to a picnic with some friends and my boyfriend, Tom, came along with me.

We all took our time and silently indicated on a piece of paper if we ‘felt’ she was making a True or False statement; we then, handed in our papers and then continued with the class.  A psychic class is a lot of fun!  I learned about grounding cords and changing my grounding cord into a lot of different colors, sizes, shapes and designs.  I learned to notice my auric field and see and feel the auric fields of others.  We would create ‘psychic’ balls of energy and toss them back and forth to each other and really feel what size, color, texture and sound each sphere was that we were holding and then checked with our psychic partner to see if we got it right!  The best tool for me was creating a ‘Rose’ that we learned to keep right outside of ourselves in front of our heart and turn it into different colors.  I liked to use ‘Gold’ to open the heart and allow love to integrate all energies I would feel and notice, especially from other people.  If our rose started to fade (our feelings got hurt or our energy dropped), then we would simply re-balance ourselves and re-create another rose in its place.  It was our ‘Rose of Protection’ too.  We were to check it regularly (it sharpened our 3-eye, psychic vision, staying on top of this) and gave one a sense of where one’s energy field was at any given time.

After the last course was finished and we had our celebration party, the teacher gathered us together to give us the results of our ‘Test’.  She said:  “Ok class, here are the results:  When I gave a completely ‘true’ statement, you all got it right.  When I gave a completely ‘false’ statement, you all got it right (it was false).  However, when I gave a half-false and half-true statement; some of you got it right and some of you didn’t.”  She didn’t say any more and she reminded us of the rules not to discuss it and then, as it was late, we all headed home.

I knew she was a wise-woman and a Minister also, so obviously this was a good time to turn within.  I had a long 1 ½ hour drive to get home.  It was also my favorite time to be alone with God in the car, at night and have a great conversation.  I asked the Angels to help drive my car, so I could talk to Spirit and be on ‘auto-pilot.’  “Ok, God, did I get it right?  I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be awesome if a person could really know if someone they were talking to was telling the truth, or not all the time?  Wow!  That would be wonderful.

Thoughts starting coming through my mind.  It was a clear night with the stars shining.  I was feeling very ‘clear’ as well.  We had balanced our chakras, cleared our auric fields, meditated and asked for guidance.  As I drove home, I was reminded by Spirit, of a prior conversation I had with God during one of my morning walks where I was suggesting to God that we should have ‘instant’ karma.  I was thinking of all the problems on Earth and I decided that they would ‘self-correct’ if people had instant cause and effect.  If one person hit another person, in instant karma, he would be hit back, instantly as well!  We would then learn quickly!  So some time ago, I asked God why this didn’t seem to be so.  As of that moment, I had not gotten an answer yet, but now I could feel it was coming to me.

Back to the issue of telling the truth or lies; God took my consciousness and held it in a place of a ‘Witness’.  I was taken back to the early years of my life.  I saw and knew myself as an innocent, young child.  I was a baby and I couldn’t help but tell the absolute ‘Truth’.  It was instant and spontaneous.  However, as I got older and started observing my siblings and parents I started to learn that telling the Truth was not so simple, nor easy.  I learned from experience and observing my parents about ‘White Lies’ also.  They said, “It’s ok, sometimes that we say things to people, even if it is not absolutely true, so you won’t hurt their feelings”, my parents explained.  “Wow, telling the truth is complicated,” I thought.

Then I watch my brothers and sisters interact and how they would ‘bend’ the truth as to give their ‘Point of View’ and not to receive punishment for their actions.  My sister would tell my mom:  “Brother just hit me.”  And she would go crying to my mom.  My mom would stop what she was doing and find my brother and ask him if he hit his sister.  He would sometimes say ‘yes’, with what he figured was a good reason or deny that he did so.  Sometimes he would avoid punishment, sometimes not.  Anyway, I was taking it all in, at a very young age, learning by observing.

Later, it was my turn.  My mom would ask:  “Did you eat all the cookies?”  In a certain tone of voice and depending on my innocence I would answer yes and then get reprimanded.  It didn’t feel good.  On other occasions, I would say no and lie and I didn’t feel good inside, but I didn’t get hit either.  In this demonstration with Spirit, I was being shown that as soon as I told a lie and didn’t feel good, my stomach hurt and a grey-like, veil came down in front of my eyes that I didn’t see happening before.   As time went on, I grew up and realized that if I needed to protect myself from punishment, I learned to tell half-truths.   Again, “Did you eat all the cookies?”  An older and wiser part of me would answer a possible truth:  “I ate some of them, but others had some too.”  This half-truth would save me from corporal punishment and left my mom wondering, “It could be true.”

Ah, ha!!!   So I got my answer!  Every time I told a lie or half-truth, a thin, dark-grey veil fell down between me and my world, so I no longer could I see truth!  It’s a Reflective Universe!!!  Oh my God!  What a realization.  Yes, of course there’s ‘Instant Karmic Return’, instant cause and effect!  It was just not the way I thought it was.  It is done to Self!!!   From the inside out, not the outside to the inside.  It’s a Cause and Effect world, and I am the cause of it!  I was creating my own darkness and veils (blinders) through my thoughts, words and deeds – to myself, yet I was too young to see it yet.  Ultimately, I realized, as one gets unbalanced; the external universe may send you an outside reflection from the physical world to correct ‘self’.  “Perfect!” I thought, though it may be painful.  It’s a non-judgmental universe, Balance is the Law.

The bottom line then, is what Jesus preached:  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  You are really helping yourself!  People are just mirroring my reality.  If I tell the truth, then people tell the truth to me.  If I keep a positive, righteous life, and that is my belief, my reality, I then live it!  From that point on, I realized I needed to make a concentrated effort to live a good life, because ultimately, we are living in a Reflective Universe, I am just hurting myself if I don’t!  Thus, I learned that, to see, know and feel ‘truth’ in others, I have to think, speak and be truthful myself, first.  I also wanted to be free of these dark veils, for I felt they were blocking my natural psychic, God-connection abilities to hear, see and know God and I learned that ‘God’ is a God of Love and Forgiveness.  So if I worked on forgiving myself first and correct my actions, I could be once again more and more clear in talking and receiving God guidance; which for me is the rudder of my boat, here on planet Earth as I steer my way back home.

God bless us all!  …and He does all the time… Amen!