Ghost Busting in Sacramento


It was sometime in 2003, while I was living in Nevada City when my friend, Sarah, called me; “Mary, my daughter has told me about a family that lives in Sacramento [CA] and they apparently have a problem with ghosts in their house and desperately need some help!”  ‘Ok’, I thought.  Then she continued:  “My daughter wants me to go out there soon to see if I can help; and since I know you talk to them all the time, I was hoping you could come with me, because I really have no idea what to do!”

“Oh, my!”  I said.  At the same time, I’m trying to think back upon our many conversations; When did I tell her I talked to ghosts?  Though I do sometimes, as directed by Spirit, I thought I kept that pretty quiet between myself and Jesus/Mother Mary. I guess it must have slipped out.  I then said, “Can you give me more information about what’s going on?”

Sarah then proceeded to tell me that her daughter, Jen, is friends with the mother, Karen, of a small family.  That includes her husband, Jeff, their daughter, Sally, who is 3 ½ yrs old, and new-born baby girl (about 3 mos. old).  They live in a new housing development in Sacramento.  Karen has fixed up the baby’s bedroom very nice and quite a long time ago.  However, every time they try to put the baby into her room at night, the baby screams and screams; not just cries, like she is being killed or something.

Karen is a special woman and mom with special intuitive gifts.  She understands that some people have extrasensory insight, vision, hearing, etc., like she does; and she has made an effort, in raising her daughter, not to shut her down whenever she comes to her about something paranormal or of an extrasensory perception nature.

So about a month or so ago when the parents started to put the baby in her own room at night, the baby would scream and scream.  The little girl, Sally, told her mom: “Mom, the baby is afraid of the ghosts that are in her room.”  Karen questioned her further for a description and Sally said, “Well, there’s a tall-skinny one, he is very mean; then there is a fat, shorter one who is ok and then there is a man-child ghost and he is nice, but he is not always there.”  She tried to get more information from Sally and from her own knowing as to why they were there and what it might take to get them to leave, but no answers came, so now she was seeking help.

Sarah, then tells me, that this has been going on for quite a while and the parents are exhausted; that they really need to get the baby to sleep in her own room for the sake of their sanity and marriage.  They have tried everything.  They keep questioning Sally, but she basically tells the same story.  The parents are at a lost as to what to do.  (“Who ya gonna to call?”)  Thus, Sarah’s daughter, Jen called her mom to see if she could help.  Sarah, my friend, is a very intuitive and sensitive person who holds women’s circles at her house as a teacher and a healer.  “So,” She says to me.  I’m thinking of driving to Sacramento next Saturday and wanted to know if you could come along and see if there is something we can do to help out.  You are more of an expert in this area than I am.”

Then, I say, “I’m not sure what I can do.  All my spirit work has been very much orchestrated by the Masters on the ‘inner’, but I’m willing to try and help out.”  As I think about it, it seemed ok to try and then I check my schedule and said: “Sure, it looks like I should be able to do that,” and we then work out the details for Saturday and hang up.

I was thinking; Wow! This is different.  I’ve been ‘lifting souls’ with God for a long time now, but this is a first, to do it with a physical audience.  I wonder what Spirit has in mind?   Later that evening, during my meditation time, I decide to hone in on this situation in Sacramento and see if I can just remotely ask the Angels to lift these beings to their next best place; but to no avail.  Apparently, Spirit (God, guided Spirit, that is…) wanted this to play out, so I am going along.

Just before Sarah comes to pick me up on Saturday, I check in with my Guides and ask if there is anything I need to bring with me before I travel.  I get an inner knowing to bring a picture of Mother Mary along with me.  I look around and found a Holy Card that had her picture and a prayer to Mother Mary on the back.

During the hour-plus drive, Sarah and I just chat, enjoying each other’s company and catching up about our daily lives.  At some point, while on the freeway, I get a great sense of humor coming in and think; This must be a part of the Candid Camera show!’ – (the old TV show).  I look around at the cars on the freeway to see if someone is filming us.  Pretty funny!  Pretty crazy!  Travelling to Sacramento to do some Ghost Busting!  So I joke with Sarah a bit, “Who ya gonna call?”

Eventually, our laughter dies down and we get more contemplative.  I think to myself;  In some ways, it is actually pretty serious, since they are disturbing ghosts and certainly not much fun for the family.  As we get closer, I start silently asking Spirit about the situation.  I’m thinking, as we enter into the neighborhood where the family lives; This is nothing like TV and movies portray.  This is a brand new residential area with new houses, it’s not like an old place that is haunted at all.

When we arrive, Sarah introduces me to Karen and Karen introduces us to her family.  We immediately go into the kitchen.  Karen continues washing dishes and cooking, while holding the baby and talking to Sarah.  The husband is home, but he is really keeping his distance.  Because I am in such a sensitive state (to do my work), I can read his field pretty clearly.  He is skeptical about us being there, but he is desperate to get some help in this situation.  He loves his wife and family, and if she thinks these people can help, OK, he’ll be patient and see.  I watch him pacing back and forth, here and there, sometimes going outside and then coming back in.  I feel his thoughts; I’m willing to give this a try, but if there is any funny business, they’re outta here!

Pretty soon, little Sally comes bouncing into the kitchen to visit with us.  Seeing that her mom is busy talking with Sarah, she comes over to the table to visit me.  I feel to pull out the Mother Mary card and ask Sally if she knows who this lady is.  She says, “No.”  I tell her that is it Mother Mary.  Sally says that she thinks she is very pretty.  I say to her that Mother Mary would like to be her friend and ask her if she would like that.  Sally says, “Yes!”  I tell her that she can keep the card if she wants.  Sally is very happy and tells me that she has a special place in her room where she keeps special things and she would like to take the card now and put it there.  I say, “OK.”  And she runs off.

I now receive inner guidance to go down the hall.  Sarah and Karen are occupied talking and the husband is outside, as far as I know.  I seem to be clearly guided to just go straight down the hall and then turn into the room on my right.  It’s the baby’s room.  I see it is freshly decorated, very nice and pretty.  There is a crib, a single bed, dresser, closet, etc., everything really clean and new.  I sit down on the twin bed and I feel to focus my attention into the corner of the room that is near the head of the crib.  I don’t physically see anything, but I close my eyes and then I do see.  First, I see all three ghosts standing there.  There is, from left to right, a tallish, all white man-child spirit; in the middle, a short-heavy set, middle aged man and dressed in street clothing of about 100 years ago; and then, a tall, thin man, also dressed in similar clothing.

My intuition guides me to talk to the ‘man-child’ ghost first.  As I still have my eyes closed, I focus on him and feel into his energy (almost like energetically reaching out with my right hand into his auric field), to communicate.  His energy feels good to me.  I know he is an Ascended Master, in that; he mastered his life on this Earthly plane and that is now physically represented by his appearance of being a tallish, white-light person.  I receive a telepathic impression about the child-like image that is overlaid on his body.  It looks like he is both a man and a child about 5 yrs old.  I sense an event happened that created this image and thus a ‘split’ or image double, that I am seeing.

Telepathically he says;  “I’ve called you here to help in this situation.  I am here with these other two beings, who seem to be having problems resolving issues here.  You see, we (spirits) come to planet Earth as an opportunity to play different roles, such as:  The Victim, the Perpetrator and the Witness.  These are lessons set-up by our Soul in the form of a Triad to be tested before we can graduate to the Higher Realms of ‘Heaven’.  We all take turns in each role.  Playing the role as the Perpetrator, the soul lesson is: ‘This time, not to pull the trigger.’  This time as the Victim: ‘To forgive.’  And, this time, in the role of the Witness, ‘To not bear fault witness, to observe and not create more injury.’”

He then tells me: “All three of us are on the same ‘Soul-line’ and have already had 10 incarnations playing these roles with each other.  We are now up for new bodies to reincarnate again, but; What is the point?  These two haven’t gotten it yet!  These two are still in the astral field, where living experience is not as dense as it is in a physical Earth body; and still they aren’t getting it!  It should be easier here, without the density and less energetic resistance to understand the benefit of making the higher choice of forgiveness and love because we are all part of the One.  If they can’t ‘get it’, here, then what’s the point of going back into a denser situation and just repeating the same mistakes, losing more bodies and creating more grief?  My brothers here can’t seem to hear me or their own Spirit very clearly, so I called you to the house to help out and explain the situation to everyone.”

What I understand, is that, by me telepathing with the ghosts (spirits), while I’m in a physical body and talking to physical people also, I’m bridging the dimensional realms so the ghosts can clearly hear and understand the situation more clearly; basically because I’m in a denser, physical body and I can come though and they can hear the communication more clearly, strongly, into their level of awareness/dimension and I can also share this information with people here, to their benefit.

I pull back my energy and ponder what has just taken place.  I then center my attention back into wholeness and double-check that my Guides and Angels are here.  I receive directions now to proceed with the shorter, heavy-set man in the middle.  He says: “Thank you, after hearing what my brother just said, it is so much more clear.  In this last lifetime, I was the father of the person you just spoke too.  He was my son.  When he was just 5 yrs old, he watched me get shot and killed, right in front of his eyes.  Yet, somehow he was able to finish living his life and forgave all that happened, including the killer/perpetrator.”

I again pulled back my energy and sat on the bed taking in all that was being communicated.  I could feel this man’s feelings clearly; his sadness, his regret and now a sense of more understanding.  I waited until I felt my Guides and Angels give me the ok to communicate with the third man.  I energetically reached out, in a loving, trusting way and …. “Ouch!”  What pain I felt!  I stopped right then and there!  I felt energetically wounded;  “Help!”  I called to my angels!  I needed them to repair my auric field and also enclose that man in a ‘Tube of Light’, so I wouldn’t be harmed in my effort to communicate with him.

I waited while the Angels, Guides and Masters did this… I was a bit timid to even try again.  I felt ‘burnt’ and I didn’t want to feel that again.  Eventually, I felt ready to try again.  This time as I energetically moved forward, I felt him completely enclosed and contained in White Light, yet he could still express himself.  This man was still energetically raging!  He was emphatically yelling:  “You don’t understand!  He killed my son!”  I stopped at that point not needing to listen to him anymore.  I pulled back.  In a flash of a moment, I understood.  He was given an overlay of a previous life and a previous wound in this last life (and the opportunity to forgive and this time as the perpetrator, not to pull the trigger (again)); but instead he chose to deepen the wound/karma even more and still was retaining his anger.

Just about then, when I finished that communication/knowing, I had moved onto the floor with my back against the wall to rest.  Shortly thereafter, both Sarah and Karen came into the room.  They were talking and laughing.  They both sat on the twin bed.  “So,” Karen said, “Are they gone now?” in a playful manner.  I answered, “Well, it’s not exactly that easy.”  Then she said, “Can’t you just ask them to leave?”  I told her that actually, as soon as I had heard about her situation, I checked in with my Guides to have the ghosts leave (remotely can work too – from Nevada City) and they said there was more to the story than just having them leave, and this needed to be played out for everyone’s benefit.

I then I proceeded to tell Karen and Sarah what was going on and the conversations I was having with the ghosts.  They listened intensely.  Now was the tricky part for me, as I need to have a three-way, inter-dimensional conversation including, my Guides.  I go into silence and ask my Guides, “Now what?”  I get confirmation that indeed the Man-child has ascended, he forgave, in that and many lifetimes and has merged with his Soul, thus the brighter light of his body and the reason his field felt good was because of the love he was able to bring forth.  He is able to come and go at will, so no problem with him.

My guides confirm that they are going to take the tall, thin, angry man and put him in a ‘Compound of Light’, so that he can listen, if he wants too, but he will not be any more trouble and after all this is done, he will be removed from the room and the house and be taken a better place.  Finally, they say, I am to now check back with the heavy-set man and talk to him.

I stop communicating on the interdimensional planes again to bring Karen and Sarah up to speed with this information.  When I’m done, I pause and again energetically reach forward to communicate with this man.  His energy seems OK.  A little sad perhaps.  He telepaths, “OK, I get it.  This conversation between us all has lifted the veil enough for me to understand a lot more.  I also understand that it is important for me to be going to my next step [in life] and not staying around here.  OK.  But there is one more thing…”  So I wait until he can formulate his thoughts/words.  He says, “I’m ready to go even now; but, I made a promise to little Sally here, that I would not ever leave her, as she asked me.  So, I need to be released from that promise.”

I realize this is very valuable information on many levels, not just in this situation, but that when we make commitments, promises, vows, contracts, proclamations while in this physical body on this physical plane, it definitely carries through to all realties and dimensions (so it is very important to be careful what one commits too, either in anger or love!)

I communicate what the heavy-set man said to Karen and Sarah.  Karen then says, “Ok, then, all we have to do is have Sally release him from his promise then!”  She looks at me and I shrug, meaning, ‘I guess so’.  Meantime, Karen starts to call Sally into the room.  She had not been there the whole time; nor had the husband.  He peaked in a few times, but really just kept walking by as far as I knew.

“Sally, Sally, come in here please!”  Her mom called her.  Pretty soon, Sally came bouncing into the room, very happy and went right to her mom’s lap.  “Yes, mommy?” Sally said with a smile on her face.  “Honey, we’ve been talking to the ghosts and they are all ready to leave, but the shorter, heavy ghost says that he can’t leave without your permission.  So, will you let him go?” said Karen as she sat looking into her daughters face with a big smile and nodding her head up and down as to help Sally agree with her.  Then Sally’s faced changed and she shouted, “NO!” and turned around and ran out of the room.

Her mom was shocked!  Both Karen’s and Sarah’s mouth dropped open in disbelief.  I felt to cut in quickly to offset this impact, as Karen started to go after Sally, and I said, “Wait a minute, please!  Calm down, it’s OK, let’s find out what’s happening here.  There’s got to be a reason and perhaps more to the story.”  First, I went to my guides and was given a bit of insight as to Sally’s point of view.  They showed me how Sally was really an old soul in a young body and had exceptional psychic and manifesting abilities.  I saw how when she was young and an only child, she had mom and dad to herself, especially mom.  So pretty much anytime she wanted to play, her parents were available.  When mom was pregnant and mostly at home, Sally got use to it and loved it.  However, once the baby was born, though it was ok, it also meant that mom, especially, was so busy, she didn’t have time like before, to play with Sally.  Sally being a precocious child, started to dream-create a friend to come and play with her.  Well energetically and astral-physically, the ghost ‘Uncle Joe’ shows up!  A perfect energetic match!  Although, not the highest choice.

As I relayed this to Karen, I watched her face change to receiving insight and an ‘Ah-ha!’  “So that explains when sometimes I went by Sally’s room and she was talking and playing, she ‘really was’talking to someone!  Oh, my!”

Then I went back to the heavy-set man and ask him what was going on with him.  He sent me a full, telepathic story also: “You see, after I lost my life, I was sad that I wasn’t going to be able to raise my son the way I had hoped too.  I wandered around for the longest time, first trying to contact my son, friends and people and places I knew, but to no avail.  Eventually, I felt a pull, a calling to come here to this house in Sacramento.  I then met Sally.  I knew she was part of my family (soul-family) somehow.  I told her to call me ‘Uncle Joe’.  She was lonely and energetically reaching out for someone to play with and be around.  To us, it was perfect.  She had a playmate that was mostly always available and I had an opportunity to find some peace with my situation from my last life.  You see, these people here, this family is living the life I always wanted to.  They are loving to each other.  They have a great marriage, a nice house, a good family.  Everything I always wanted for my son and I, but it didn’t happen.  But now, I understand.  I need to let go of this attachment and get on with my greater mission and connect with my Soul and let the people and the situations of this world go.”

I then turned back to explain all this to Karen.  She was calm and understanding more.  I felt guided to say, “Don’t worry, just give Sally some more time.  Her Guides and Spirit will help her through this transition.”  I also mentioned that I gave Sally a Holy Card of Mother Mary.  I let her know that Mother Mary offered a connection to her, for Sally to have a friend from the ‘higher realms’, to gently guide Sally away from etheric beings of lower vibration that really don’t serve her highest good hanging around.  Her mom was grateful for that and I could see she was pondering her own spirituality and subsequent teaching to her children.  She mentioned that they didn’t really have a spiritual/religious practice in place for the family yet and now it was obviously time to contemplate doing that, probably very much past due.

I then ’tuned in’ for any more information before we departed and I did get one more important message.  It was an answer to a question also: “Why here, why now, why this family?”  It was an answer from the Master Man-child.  He said, “Just like I revealed the Karmic Triad between my two brothers and I; I came to let you know that you, Karen, that Sally and your mother are playing the same karmic role.  I came to let you know and give insight so you all can take the ‘higher road’ of choice.  I know it’s not easy, but it is so important for your Soul and Soul-group.  That’s why we are really here living ‘classroom’ planet Earth.  To love and not hate in the face of adversary.  It’s my gift to you and really to myself, to help my soul and soul-group, to impart what I have learned and experienced to hopefully make lives better.

At that point, the insight I received was: ‘Since the Lighter, man-child Spirit orchestrated this communication from the ‘other side’, as we say, he was definitely earning ‘stars’ in his crown as he chose to serve this family, his soul-family and humanity in this way’.

We all finished up then.  I gave thanks and gratitude to my Guides, Masters, Angels and to the ‘ghosts’ for their participation, communication, clarity and help as needed.  We had a lot to ponder after all that had transpired.  I also felt that the Universe was perfect in how it put us all together; the ghosts showing up where they were had to do with their Soul journey; they were not random, nor was time and place specific to locations, but based on Soul-line connections!

A more complete closure came about two months later, when Karen e-mailed me and was very happy because Sally had decided to let Uncle Joe go after all and she was proud of herself that she hadn’t pressured her and let her wait until she was fully ready.

God bless us all, in all realms, realities and dimensions!