Fun with Horses

Fun with Horses

Fun with Horses

When I was about 8 years old, I remember one day in May, I woke up and decided to plant a flower garden.  I planted it outside my bedroom window.  My family was surprised.  No one in my family gardened.  I wasn’t really taught, I just kind of knew how to do it and it was easy.  I really liked the flowers.  A little while later I decided I’d like to have a bigger garden (it must be why I was named Mary).  Anyway, I talked to Grandma and Grandpa Craig who owned the property and got permission to find a place to grow vegetables.  They helped me with a lot of things I didn’t know.  I found a great place on the property and I enjoyed watching the plants grow.

I and the vegetable garden were doing pretty well, but in particular, I was watching the corn grow really big.  I told my mom that it was my plan to grow enough corn so that we could have fresh corn for a dinner sometime soon (for 10 people – no easy feat!).  One of the things Grandpa Craig taught me, was to put oil on the silk threads of the corn to keep the cut-worms away.

It was just a few days away from the corn being ready to be picked and I let my mom know so she could plan dinner.  On the day I was ready to pick it, I was walking down the hill from school thinking about gathering the corn for dinner… finally!  After a lot of work and waiting, I was very excited!    However, as I neared the house, I was looking towards the garden (I could see most of it from the distance) and as I got closer, it wasn’t looking right.  I couldn’t quite figure it out.  Unfortunately, as I arrived I found out that most of my garden had been destroyed.  I couldn’t quite figure out how, it was trampled somehow.  The ground crops were either gone or smashed.  All the corn was knocked down and eaten.  I was very upset and wondered what had happened?  I ran into the house and my mom told me that she was so sorry, but the neighbor’s horses got out and came over and ate my corn and most everything in my garden!

Oh yes!  No wonder!  I was noticing them behind me most everyday (behind the neighbor’s fence) as I worked day after day, week after week and month after month on my garden.  So, being telepathic, I guess they clued in when the time was right to get some corn also, or they would be out of luck!  Smart horses.  It didn’t make me feel a whole lot better to know that they were reading my thoughts and thus knew when to make their move.  I went to talk to Grandma and Grandpa Craig for comfort and decided not to grow another garden for a while.

A week or so later, one night when I was going to sleep, a few days after we had had a big thunder and lightning rainstorm, I noticed in the mirror above the dresser that there was a bright red light glowing and flickering that normally wasn’t there before.  It looked like it was shining from the top of the telephone pole behind me.  The bedroom mirror reflected the outside night sky, a telephone pole and the garage next to my room that I shared with my sister.  I kept trying to remember to check out the red light in the morning, but I usually got in a hurry to get to school on time, or just forgot.  The next night the red light was on top of the telephone pole again, but this time brighter.  By morning I forgot again and had to go to school.  Then pretty soon Friday night came, the red light was even brighter, and I thought to myself:  “Well, tomorrow is Saturday, so I should remember to look at it without having to go anywhere in the morning”.

About mid-morning on Saturday, I was wandering around alongside the back of the house, going a different way than I usually do (and had totally forgotten about the telephone pole), when all of a sudden I felt a strong urge to visit the neighbor’s horses.

Two of them were hanging around the fence next to our garage.  Even though I was told to never play there because of spiders and wildlife, I went over and started to feed and pet the horses; but they kept moving around.  Gradually, as I followed them, I found myself standing next to the telephone pole.  Then I remembered it; but, still I thought: “Wow, it seems extra hot”.  It wasn’t hot enough to burn me, but I’m thinking that telephone poles are not supposed to be like that, so I better tell my dad.

I was surprised, but my dad seemed interested and he came out of the house to check it out.   He otherwise likes to just rest on Saturdays.  While he was there, he felt it and also got very excited about the situation, especially when I told him about the red light on top of the pole at night. He then called the fire department, (which happened to be located at the top of our hill).  They were very excited also.  They said that the pole must have been struck by lightning a few days ago during the storm and it was now burning from the inside out and that if I had not noticed it, it would have eventually exploded.  My dad asked:  “If it had exploded, what part of the property would have been affected?”  The firemen said that it would of hit the garage directly, which was right next to it, but also fallen on the corner of the house and then he pointed right at my bedroom!  Wow!  I had no idea.

It took days for them to put the fire out, remove the pole and take it away and replace it with another one.  Everyone was so grateful that we found out about it before it became a bigger problem.  For me, I silently talked to the horses:  “You did this!  You led me to the burning telephone pole…  Are you making amends for eating all my corn in the garden?  Well, if so, you are now forgiven”.  And I then went into the house for some carrots to feed them and pet them some more.