Adventures in Egypt

The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Egypt
It was the 6th day of my journey in Egypt (in February 2012); and I had been having a great time previously photographing orbs and rainbow objects in my pictures at other temples and pyramids on this trip.
On this day, we arrived at the ‘Temple of Queen Hatshepsut’; a rare temple, since the relief- sculpture within Hatshepsut’s temple recites the tale of the Divine birth of a Female Pharaoh, the first of its kind, Queen Hatshepsut.   Its architecture is unique and it is dedicated to the Sun God, Amen-Ra.   At the time of my arrival, with the group, I did not know any history regarding this site.
Temple of Hatshepsut
The night prior, at 2 a.m., I felt a strong energy come through my crown chakra and activate my pineal/pituitary glands.  The activation reached a point of nausea in my body; but, then subsided.  However, during the next 7 days, I was basically ‘sick’ as the energy moved through me to integrate and balance throughout my body.
When our 3 buses arrived, our group of 120 people, came to visit the Temple.  This was an intuitive, sensitive group and we perceived our trip as a pilgrimage.  As we drove up, many of the female passengers stated out loud, “I’m not going to get out and go there!  Can’t you feel the energies?  They feel awful!”  Though many felt this way and didn’t want to go visit; I instead, was directed to go along with the tour and get off the bus, but with the idea of constantly, silently, saying the “Hail Mary’s”.  This is not considered typical for me.  This particular version is known as the “Ascension Hail Mary’s.”[1]
[1] “Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee; Blessed are Thou Among Women and Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb, Jesus.  Holy Mary, Mother of us All; Blend with us Mother and Son (Sun); for we have consciously won our Ascension, Right now and forever more, I Am.”
I noticed my thoughts as we got off the bus and walking to the site.  By saying prayers, I felt Grace and Peace over-light me; yet, there was an undercurrent of anger and rage I was feeling in the area.  I knew to just to let the thoughts and feelings come and go, just let it flow through me and continued to walk with the others, explore this place and kept saying:  “Hail Mary, Full of Grace…”
It was quite a physical effort to get to the Temple.  We had to catch a bus to the café – waiting area; then we had to take shuttle-cars to the far end of the Temple steps and then walk along the walkway and then still walk further as far/deep into the Temple building area as we liked.  It was a very hot day and a very dry place.
As we finally arrived at the steps; before we spread out on our own, our guide announced to meet back at the Café at 1 p.m., then we would get back on the buses and go elsewhere.  He emphasized meeting there at 1 p.m. sharp and not be late, for the busses would be leaving.  We all synchronized our watches and then spread out.
I continued walking with the others to the site, still saying ‘Hail Mary’s,’ and feeling the undercurrent of anger.  As I walked far to the deep, left-corner of the Temple, I noticed that I had received an answer to a question from my Guides.  I wanted to photograph some of the columns in Egypt that had the sculpted ‘Hathor’ heads on them.  And, now I was here!  However, at the same moment I was intensely feeling the dense, angry energy here.  My Guides asked me: “If I could put words to what I was feeling, what would the words be?”  What I heard was this: “They murdered the Queen and now they have defaced her Temple!”
I felt like it was getting time to leave (actually, it was hard for me to stay!).  My guides were nudging me to take some photos, like I originally wanted, before I left.  Also, to do it in such a way, that I could get perhaps some orbs or objects in my photos.  I remember feeling quite angry at the moment and thinking:  “I’m not going to get any good orb shots, I’m feeling way too angry!”
However, begrudgingly (to myself), I did take a few photos, not expecting anything special in the photos.
Later, as I got to our meeting place, the Café, many others were there also. It seemed that most everyone had the same feeling to ‘get out of there,’ rather quickly.  We were there probably 20+ mins early.  Then our Egyptian tour guide arrived and at about 10 mins to 1 p.m., he announces to everyone, “It looks like everyone is here.  Let’s go to the buses and leave!”  I remember thinking, “He’s leaving early.  Its not quite 1 p.m.; but, like he says, it does look like everyone is here, yet really, there’s no way to tell.”  I just then, kept saying my “Hail Mary’s” and stayed quiet.
I got on the bus like everyone else; but, I really was starting to feel even sicker.  It took a while for everyone to load up.  This time, also on the bus, the guide and his helpers didn’t take the time to do a person count either.   I overheard that the group was going into town and perhaps do some shopping.  I’m not a big ‘shopper,’ so I really wasn’t interested.  All I felt to do was hold onto my stomach, keep my head down and say “Hail Mary, Full of Grace…”   About 20 minutes later, we arrived at a shopping place in town and as far as I know, everyone got out.  The back of the bus seats were very high and it wasn’t easy for me to see over them, plus, I didn’t really care who stayed and who went.  I decided to just stay on the bus myself and wait.  However, within a few minutes, much to my surprise, the bus driver starts up the bus and starts to drive somewhere.  I don’t know where.  I didn’t see him have a conversation with anyone.  I did stand up a bit then and noticed that I was the only one on the bus, except the driver and he didn’t speak English as far as I knew, so there was no use asking and he sat way in front and I’d have to yell to get his attention.
Since I was sick, I felt to just say ‘Hail Mary’s’ to myself and be quiet, so I did.   After 20 minutes, I see that we have returned to the ‘Temple of Hatshepsut’, and in front of us, are two women from our group (Tami and Terry, who I knew).  They had gotten left behind!  They looked very upset, hot and red in the face (from the heat of the sun, I guessed) and was waving at the bus, so they would be noticed.  Finally, the bus came to a rest at the spot where we had all gotten off.  The driver opened the door and they got on.  They were very distressed and stopped to talk to the driver (he was pretty far upfront ahead of me, so I didn’t hear much of what they were saying), but it was apparent, he didn’t speak English and they had a lot to say with some questions.
Eventually, as they decided he couldn’t answer them, they walked back towards the rear of the bus to their seats.  Then I stood up a bit and they came right towards me.  I didn’t know at the time, but their place on the bus was right behind me, so I didn’t notice that they were not on the return trip from the Temple, nor did anyone else, it seemed.
They were so excited to see me.  They couldn’t speak fast enough!  “How did you know to come back and get us?  Oh my God, we were so scared!  Did the bus driver know to come back?  How did he know?  Did others know we were not on the bus?  They confirmed that none us knew the name and phone numbers of anyone of the tour, nor the daily schedule, nor had a cell-phone that worked here, nor where were spending the night, etc.”   Then their thoughts changed to indignation, “We were on time at the café!  We made sure.  We were there exactly at 1 p.m. and no one was there!  Where was everyone?  Why were we left behind?”
The bus driver started up the bus now.  We assumed to drive back to the shopping center to pick everyone up.
I just sat and listened, held my stomach and continued to silently say, “Hail Mary Full of Grace…,” to hold a sort of balance in me and in the situation.  Eventually, as they calmed down, they finally asked me, “Wait a minute!  How come you are on the bus?”  I then told them that, “I wasn’t feeling well, I didn’t feel like shopping like the others and my inner guidance was to stay on the bus and say “Hail Mary’s” the whole time to feel ok.
“That’s it!”  Tami exclaimed.  “Mother Mary!  Oh my God!  Now, I get it!  She said, “When they noticed they were left behind; she was searching for ideas, as to what to do, she said she smelled roses.  In fact, now that she thinks about it, she smelled roses when they first got off the bus!”  She continued, “At first, it didn’t register, but later it did and she knew Mother Mary was with them.  She recounted how they thought to maybe get a taxi and somehow catch up with the group, but there wasn’t enough information to call anyone or go anywhere specifically.  Then they got the intuitive message, from Mother Mary, to just wait where the buses usually park and something would work out.”
So wait they did, among all the Egyptian taxi drivers and others who want to dissuade them, but they held firm.  Then, we pulled up.  What relief!
Tami and Terry then shared more about their journey and where they were guided to go while we were traveling on the bus: “We  were guided to go pretty far, deep, next to the natural walls of the mountain, next to where the Temple was built to do some energy work.”  So, we had quite a long walk to get back to the shuttle-cars and then the café.  We needed every minute until 1 p.m. and we were really proud of ourselves for making it on time, only to find everyone gone!”
Well, I continued saying “Hail Mary’s,” silently as we now drove to where the rest of the tour group was shopping.  As far as I knew, the bus driver only spoke Egyptian and how he ‘knew’ what to do and where to go; was beyond me.  Let go, let God.  As far as I know our Egyptian tour guide had nothing to do with any of this, nor our group Leader (he was on another bus) and didn’t even know it happened until he was told afterwards.
Interesting to me, was that I was still feeling an angry energy most all day.  But, I just kept saying “Hail Mary, Full of Grace…,” ignoring the thoughts and feeling sick.  It wasn’t until at least 5 hours later; back at the hotel, while we were all in the dining room, that my stomach calmed down enough to even think of eating dinner and later, be curious to see, if in fact, I did capture an orb or object with my camera.  This is what showed up:
Heart Orb II - Egypt
To me, very clearly, it is a white/pink/green heart with a green flame coming out of the top.  This was image superimposed on my photograph of the plain temple wall in the background.  The Flaming Heart of Mother Mary!
Later, after I returned to the States, I searched the internet for more information about the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut; I found out that the Temple was the site of a massacre of 62 people, mostly tourists, by Islamist extremists that took place on 17 November 1997.[2]

Blessings on us all!   The Divine is always present.  Just by making ‘the Call’ (saying “Hail Mary’s”, or prayers) we can shift the energy in places to be more positive.   I like to think that at least some of the energy is now cleansed and cleared into a higher, loving vibration.