Orcas Island and Vancouver Island Healings

Orcas Island and Vancouver Island Healing

Its 2009 and I was ‘running energy’[1] and was traveling in Oregon and decided it might be fun to go to Orcas Island, in the Puget Sound area of NW Washington.  I had heard about Orcas Island from the sound-healing work that Tom Kenyon was doing there.  He said, as he works with the Hathors (Beings from ancient Egypt), that he was guided to be there.  Since my dad’s family is Canadian and we have possible relatives there, I thought that was also a good motivation to go.

I took the ferry to Orcas and landed at night.  I had never been on the island and coming at night wasn’t the best choice, but it was ok.  During this fast, I was re-reading, “The Blessed Mother’s Blue Rose of the Healing Heart.”[2]  For me, when I read a book, I become the book! (Whoever I am).  After a few days of fasting, I was in an elevated ‘State of Grace’ and was being guided by Spirit clearly to visit many different parts of the island.

Eventually, I heard about someone on the island who held Zen meditations at their place every Monday night.  After about a week or so of fasting and eventually a few days of ‘dry fasting’ (it seems to be who I am, (not recommended to be done by others, unless they are also guided.)); I was then guided how to find out the necessary information for the time of the mediation and where it was being held.  The house was a very big, a made-over barn that was completely modern on the inside.  I met Mr. M.  the owner and several others that were there for the meditation.  I sat in ‘Presence’ as we were all getting ready for the meditation to begin.  Just before, however, I notice that M. had prepared some tea and set out tea cups for a little ceremony for all the participants after the meditation which was about one hour long.

I gave the detail about the tea, because, once I start going ‘dry’ on my fast (no food, nor water); it is not pleasant for me to go back to consuming any liquid, unless guided by Spirit.  As the meditation begins, I do a heart-felt prayer to my guides to help my body and energy field deal with the potential of ingesting water this evening.  The meditation then proceeds in silence and it is very nice, pleasant and peaceful.  When it is over, Mr. M begins his humble serving of tea to all the participants, it’s his way of serving others.  Again, I silently say a prayer to Spirit to help me with this process of consuming tea; because I don’t want to hurt his feelings by saying no; yet, it’s been my experience that my energy field then changes and I become uncomfortable.

I do accept a small cup of tea as do all the other mediators.  It’s now late at night and dark out and the other guests are leaving to go home and I feel to ask M if it is ok to park in his driveway, overnight, as I have a campervan and don’t need access to a bathroom or anything.  He says, “Sure” and gives me instructions about where and closing the gate.

I go into my van and prepare to rest.  Well, rest I didn’t!  The sudden infusion of water into my body from the tea, shifted my high-vibrational energy field downward and now I saw plenty of Beings hanging out, in and around my energy field.   I spent the night, trying to go to sleep (to no avail, until close to morning) and doing prayer to clear-up my field again and return to a higher vibration.

I was up early, around sunrise, not feeling rested at all, and a bit groggy.  I got out of the van to greet the day and I heard a woman’s voice behind me, say “Good morning!”  She was still a bit of a way, away, but coming towards me.  She wasn’t at the meditation last night.  As she got closer, she said, “Hi, I’m Ma (not her real name).  I live here on the land.”  I told her my name and I had attended the meditation last night with M.  She welcomed me into the house.  I had a chance to meet the people who lived there.  Then Ma, said that she ‘got it’, if I wanted to, I could camp on the land.  They owned about 80 acres or so of beautiful manicured and forested land with a couple of ponds.  She said that I reminded her of a dear friend of hers that was a Shaman and she would love for me to be on the land in a very special spot; a spot that her shaman friend dearly loved.   She told me that she even had a tent for me to use, if I liked.  We walked over to the spot she had talked about.  It was lovely!  It had a great view, a pond, open sky above and it was a bit away from the main house for privacy.  There was an outhouse nearby too.  She told me how she was at the other end of the property in her own little tepee with a pond (big enough for a row boat and small pier).

I felt to accept her kind hospitality and welcomed the opportunity to do ‘my thing’, in such lovely accommodations.  As time went on and I camped, we still visited and I found out that though Ma and M are not still married, they care for each other and are friends.  I also found out that Ma was Canadian and she has a home in Canada in Vancouver.  Ma told me that she understood a bit about my path; because she too, many years ago decided to go into silence for a long period of time.  She said, “After 60 days, I ‘popped’, all my abilities came in!”[3]  “I can see people’s auric fields, I get visions and knowing.  Ever since I did this, it has become my permanent gift.”   She then had me stand there and she stepped back and scanned my field.  “Oh my!  How exciting!  I see you energetically.  You are all light!  There is like a vortex/portal in your center.  You are just radiating light!  Thank you for coming and thank you for staying here!  You are a blessing to us all!”

It then became our practice to see each other most every morning and I’d ask her what she saw, for though I felt good, I didn’t really see anything special about myself.[4]  Ma shared that she did healing work.  She said that people in the community knew her as a healer and would come from time to time.  I shared that, yes, I did ‘healing work’ also, but it wasn’t the scheduled ‘appointment’ kind, it was Spirit orchestrated.[5]

After a few more days passed, one morning Ma shared with me that a handicapped woman in a wheelchair, she knew on the island, was coming over for a healing, energy treatment that morning and she wanted to know if I would also like to participate. I said, ‘yes’.  She also mentioned that she just got another call from an older man she knew on the island and that he would like to come over in the afternoon and he also would like to receive a treatment.  Again she asked me and we decided to ‘play it by ear’ on the timing, since I was doing a ‘fast’ and maybe it might be too much activity for me.

When the handicap woman came, I went over to Ma’s tepee and we both did energy work on her as she lay on the sheep fur pelt on the ground.  The healing energy was profound for the woman; she had multiple emotional releases.  Her healing time happened to merge with the time the older man came also, and he too had a powerful shift happen.

The next day Ma was extra excited, because it seemed that ‘healing’ was in the air and she was getting a lot of phone calls now.  However, she got one call she wasn’t too happy about receiving.  Apparently, she has a very good woman friend, Carol, who does massage and is currently in Indonesia working and she just found out that her son, Jeff, was in a very bad motorcycle accident and is now in the hospital in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, Canada.  Carol is very worried because it was a very bad accident and her son (in his twenties), had severe damage to his right leg, especially his ankle and foot.

As the days progressed, I continued fasting.  Some people would come and go for just visiting or sometimes for healing.  Sometimes I participated and sometimes not.  Most every day I would get Ma’s update on Jeff, via e-mail from Carol in Indonesia.  Things were getting worse.  The doctors removed one of the fractured bones in the lower right leg and replaced it with a titanium rod implant.  But as the days unfolded, it seemed that Jeff’s body was rejecting the titanium rod implant and he had some infection.  Both Carol and Ma seemed very frustrated with trying to get information and help for Jeff.

About then, I got an inner message from Mother Mary to now be silent for three days along with my fast.  I was fasting on water and diluted apple juice for about 10 days at that point.  In my little camping area, I was mostly just doing my thing of praying, reading, walking a bit, meditating and keeping to myself.  One day was particularly special as some eagles came to visit me.  Both the bald eagle and some golden ones.  I really enjoyed being in my tent in this natural setting.  I loved being next to a pond, some wildlife (deer, rabbits, foxes, gofers, moles and other small animals with lots of birds.  Waking up in the morning to the sunrise and birds chirping was most wonderful!  The days were melding together and I had a strong sense of inner peace.  I shared my ‘silence’ instruction with Ma and the family, so they would understand for the next few days.

However, the next day Ma’s report on Jeff, got more bleak.  She tells me that the doctors are saying that his body is totally rejecting the titanium implant and though they have him loaded with antibiotics, he is weak, not doing well and they are even suspecting gangrene developing around his right ankle.  Ma asks me what we might do.  I tune in to Spirit, Mother Mary, and I then wrote a brief note to Ma, that “We  will know more tomorrow.”

The next day, I feel I am going ‘out-of-body’ a lot.  Maybe my spirit is visiting Jeff or going other places.  Ma and I connect that day and she asks me, “Should we go there?”  I write a note to her, after tuning in and indicate that I will have an answer to everything in two days, as then I can also talk.  Ma is starting to sound desperate and I am sure that Jeff’s mom, Carol is having a very difficult time, being so far away, with no way to suddenly travel to Vancouver Island and be there for her son.

This is now the 14 day of my fast and completion of 3 days of silence.  I come into the house and Ma, Mr. M. and everyone is there.  I feel I am moving in slow motion.  Ma comes up to me and again asks, “Should we go there?”  Very clearly I feel the Divine Mother in me as Mother Mary and I say, “Yes.”  Ma immediately snaps into action.  Since she is from there (Canada), she indicates that she has a good friend on the island and speaks out loud her plans of how we can get from Orcas Island to Vancouver Island (yes, I have my passport), how we can stay with her friend for a while and then go to the hospital.  She is so excited!  Finally, to be able to do something!  Moving with the idea of helping and turn her worry-energy into action!  She is busy on the phone, e-mail, talking, planning, etc.  For we are to go today!  As all this is happening in the living/dining room area of the house.  I now feel to silently leave the room and I just observe as my body is heading towards the front hall and front door.  I just wait there for a few moments and then the Fed Express van drives up.  As he comes to the door, I greet him.  He has a thick envelope for Ma; I accept it and sign for it.  The house is large, so I’m a bit away from the previous rooms and where the people are.

As I start to walk back to the dining room, I hear Ma excitedly talking to Mr. M., they are in the kitchen.  Ma’s back is towards me, but Mr. M. can see me.  I wait until Ma finishes talking, then she turns and faces me and says, “Oh my goodness!  We can’t go!  I’ve forgotten that I’ve sent in to renew my passport and I have no idea when it might come!”  She is visibly very upset.  I then hand her the FedEx envelope.  She takes it and reads the name of the sender on the envelope and says, “Oh my God!  This is it!  It’s my passport!” and she hurriedly opens it up to verify it and it is just that.  She, I and Mr. M. all stand in amazement to the synchronicity of this moment, knowing Spirit is orchestrating this event.  Ma says, “This is truly amazing, not only is the timing perfect for our departure but the fact this was processed so quickly is miraculous!  So, I guess this is further validation we are to go and go now!”

Getting in to Canada was easy, especially as Ma is a Canadian citizen.  It was nice to stay at her friend, Trish’s house.  She is a fascinating woman with a lot of accomplishments.  And it turned out later, I found out she rides motorcycles for fun too.  Ma check in at the hospital about Jeff’s condition which still wasn’t good and made plans for our arrival.  Jeff’s girlfriend would be there and another friend of Ma, who does healing, offered to be there as well.

As we arrived, I was very grateful that Ma was driving and dealing with the ‘big city of Victoria’, the area was huge and noisy.  As we got out, walking to the hospital, only then did I realize how huge the hospital facility was.  It was probably 20 stories high and built in a large circle, like a donut.  In the middle was a very small, 100+ year old, red brick chapel.  Spirit had me make special note of the chapel.  I went with Ma to Jeff’s room.  Again, I was grateful she was leading the way.  I felt ‘lifted’ into higher consciousness, though I could function, I was functioning on many levels of realities and conscious at the same time.

We arrived at Jeff’s room.  He shared it with 3 other men in other beds in the hospital room.  They all had various injuries and illnesses.  I went over to take a look at Jeff; his girlfriend was sitting in a chair nearby.  Jeff was energetically flat-lined (very low life-force energy).  Ma had let me know that they had taken him off food for a few days in preparation of perhaps another surgery, but it didn’t happen as his infection was rampant in his body.   To me he had no, or very little life-force energy.  He didn’t awaken or acknowledge our arrival.  I felt to get out my two healing crystals and stand at the head of his bed/gurney.  Ma was on the left side, Jeff’s girlfriend on the right side and Ma’s other healing friend at Jeff’s feet.

I prepared myself to ground and tune into Spirit.[6]  I was guided to first have my crystals, in my hands on either side of Jeff’s head.  I could sense Spirit doing some work.  My mind was blank and usually is while participating in ‘healings’.  I was surprised how long I/Spirit were working on Jeff’s head.  Since I telepathically asked, I heard, “We have to remove all the memories of the accident in Jeff’s mind, because if we don’t, as we ‘heal/repair’ his body, the old memories will just go back and imprint the drama/trauma and accident back on his body and our work will be in vain.”  “Ok,” I thought as I understood.

Spirit now had me move to Jeff’s heart area.  Again using my crystals, I could feel a great amount of energy being brought into his body, via his heart.  I got the impression that Spirit had orchestrated this event to a certain extent to help Jeff reconnect with his Soul, his Soul Path and his true mission here on Earth.  He was getting re-wired in a good way!  After the time I spent there and with his head, it seemed to me that Spirit was viewing the healing to happen on his leg, was just incidental to the really important fact of Soul-healing and Spiritual-mental alignment.

I now was guided to move to the right side of his body.  Unlike I anticipated I did not go to his leg immediately to treat it; instead I was directed to his right ankle.  I spent some time there first with my hands and crystals clearing away some very dense, dark energy out of the area.  I understood, I was clearing infection; it was the gangrene the doctors were talking about.  Then, I/God moved onto his right leg.

It was very interesting to me.  As I have participated in many healing, never had I ever received such clarity as to the detail to what I/God were energetically doing.[7]  It was incredible to observe.  Through my third eye, I saw Spirit lift Jeff’s leg high above his physical leg, into another dimensional realm.  I intuitively knew they were ‘talking’ to the titanium rod, instructing it to ‘know’ that it is now part of the body.  It is now the replacement for the bone.  They then talked to the leg/body and told it not to reject the titanium rod.  I knew somehow that this conversation had to happen at a higher dimension where there is ‘no separation’, thus the rod, bones and body were all ‘one’.  The visual clarity on this healing was amazing and I enjoyed receiving the visual detail and knowing provided by Spirit as this progressed. The next stage of healing occurred; again while Jeff’s etheric leg was floating high about his physical leg.  Before I came, I was guided to wear a jeweled ring on every finger of both my hands.[8]  I released control of my physical hands to Spirit as I observed them moving about, seemingly on their own, as Spirit directed hovering over Jeff’s physical leg.  But, from my third-eye, I could see now that Spirit had healed Jeff’s two lower leg bones, the tibia and fibula, they now were wrapping the bones with new membrane tissue, new tendons and later muscles as I watched a perfect man’s leg being created in the etheric, connecting to the physical leg, near my hands below.  I then heard Spirit indicate that they were going to give him new skin.  Spirit had some humor on this, in that I saw a picture in my third eye of young, perfect, baby skin, soft, white and tender.  Of course it doesn’t make sense, as I now see Spirit create the appropriate young man white leg skin, complete with lots of black hairs.  Funny.  I am noticing a distraction at the table and open my eyes, I see that Ma and the others are noticing my hands moving and with all the rings on my fingers and they are making a ‘clicking’ sound as Spirit through me, weave new skin for Jeff’s leg.

We are almost done now and I move around the table, checking in with Spirit as to final adjustments.  I was surprised but the ‘wolves’ showed up.  They telepathed that they wanted to offer their services and help heal Jeff’s ankle.  They said that as a wolf in the wild, man has sought to destroy them and has set traps out.  Sometimes, their paws have gotten caught in these steel traps, with no way to relieve their suffering, so they have learned to heal themselves in spite of human hunters.  So as a peace offering to humanity and to Jeff in particular, they offered their knowing of healing.  I telepathed back, that ‘yes’, we gratefully accept their generosity.  In a few moments, I received another offering.  It was from the elephants.  They also wanted to offer their healing and knowing regarding the ankle for this human.  They shared their story of how humans chain them at the legs and hobble them so they cannot walk or run very far, so they too have had to learn how to ‘heal’ themselves, through forgiveness and were offering this knowing to Jeff.  The love I was feeling was very profound.  I knew to share what I heard from the animals with Jeff, when he was ready, because it had something to do with his life path and soul journey.

Also while in this state of being, I check in with Spirit as to further adjustments that might be needed and  I heard, “Come back again in a couple of hours and then again tomorrow morning.”

I return now more deeply back into my body and to this 3-D reality.  The girlfriend decides to sit back in the chair at Jeff’s side and I am feeling to talk to Ma and have her come with me to a certain place in the hospital that Spirit is showing me.  As I look around the room now, I see that the other 3 men-patients in the room seem to be in a deep sleep, all together now.

I leave with Ma and we head down the hall.  I don’t know how to describe it really.  I feel I am seeing a place to go to, while my eyelids are closed, yet it is so clear, it is like my eyelids are open.  While we are walking, I describe to Ma the place we are headed.  She is looking around with her eyes in hope of spotting it.  Pretty soon we are there.  It’s a patient/visitor waiting area across from a nurse’s station.  It’s small, open to the hallways.  The T.V. is on and we ask if it can be turned off and it is.  I sit down and Ma is on my right.  Almost immediately my Spirit takes flight!  I expand and integrate/merge with everything!  I mean everything!  I have a wonderful ‘Oneness’ experience.  I am aware of being multi-dimensional and simultaneous.  I am the walls, the floor, the nurses, myself; as I astral travel around the hospital, I am the doctors, the woman giving birth, the baby being born, other doctors and nurses, everyone and everything; including the air, water, animate and inanimate objects.  I am also aware I am in a special place on the Earth.  This white tornado of energy that I am and that is running through me is now grounding beneath me; going through the many floor levels below and above me.  It’s powerful, beyond words and amazing.  As the energy dissipates a bit, Ma indicates that she needs to go back to Jeff’s room.  I receive instruction that there is a place I need to go to also.  Again, Spirit is walking my body as we are ‘one’ and I observe myself purposely wandering until eventually I find myself downstairs on the ground and looking at the old, small chapel with a lawn and garden around it in the middle of the donut-shaped architecture of the hospital.  I am feeling to go into the Chapel.  I read how this was the original building here, later a hospital was built around it and then over time the hospital was enlarged bigger and bigger, but still the small, red, brick Chapel remained in the center.

I entered the Chapel.  I was the only one there.  I felt immediately drawn to go up towards the altar.  My attention went to the podium on the left.  There was a book open with entries written in by many people.  I was feeling the ‘Christ Light’ strongly in me.  I felt to look at the book and read some of the entries, “Help me God/Jesus”, they said; “My daughter is dying, I don’t know what to do.  Help me!”  Again another, “God help me.  I love my wife, they say she has cancer, can you heal her?  What can I do?  I surrender to your will.  God bless us!”  And another, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, they say I need open-heart surgery, help me!  I’m so afraid!  Heal me, if it’s possible.  I believe in you!”  And so it went, on and on…

I simply placed my hands on the book and again was lifted into ‘no mind’ and knew, just knew that all the hopes, dreams, desires of the people who had entries in this book were taking care of, perfectly![9]

As I checked in and felt I/we were complete, I returned to Jeff’s hospital room.  An unbelievable transformation had already taken place.  First, all three, older men patients in the hospital room, besides Jeff were sitting up, happy, animated, talking with a lot of energy.  Jeff himself was now also sitting up, his skin had a nice rosy, flushed color of strong life-force energy.  He was also awake, happy, animated and talking with a lot of energy.  One would never know that just a few hours ago it was a completely different scene.  I checked in with Spirit and it seems all was in good order.  It didn’t seem like I needed to really do anything again, now.  So, soon we all said our goodbye’s so Jeff could rest and we promised to come again in the morning.

About then, I started to want some liquid and then as the night progressed, some light food.  We had a great, fun evening at Trish’s house with a lot of sharing.  We went to the hospital the next morning to check on Jeff and he was still doing fine, and except for a few moments of final ‘tune-up’ from Spirit, all was well.  I gave him messages from the animals too, especially from the wolves and we then departed.

A funny thing happened on the way back to the boarder to return to the States.  Ma decided she wanted to stop at her favorite thrift store which was on the way.  I didn’t feel to go into the shop, but instead just wait in the car.

As I was waiting in the car, another car drove up.  It was going very fast.  It pulled into the parking spot right in front of us.  It was a very expensive car, all white with gold lettering on the rear trunk that spelled “Infiniti, limited edition.”   The driver quickly put the vehicle in reverse and drove backward to be quite close to us (almost boxing us in).  About then Ma was returning.  She was noticing the driver and the speed he driving and how close he was parked to us and was starting to get upset.  However, for me, I had a knowing that this was a message from Spirit (Infinity) and to just wait to see what might happen.  The man driving the car got out.  He seemed drunk or something.  He was weaving back and forth, staggering as he walked.  He walked behind his car and in front of our car.  Somehow, I knew to roll down the window and tell Ma that it will be ok, he has something to say.  As the man came closer, he then turned towards my door and open window and said in a drunken, slurred sort of way, while he pointed his finger at me, “You would be welcomed here!”  He then smiled, turned and walked away in a stumbling sort of fashion.

“Great!”  I thought “An answer to a question I had for Spirit.”  For me, what it was, since I was going through all these transformation, I was wondering if there really was any place on Earth that would be a good place for me to be. So he was the messenger. Thank you God!”

Ma and I then returned to the States and slowly but surely returned to what we otherwise considered ‘normal’ within a short while.  It wasn’t long after that, that I felt to leave their wonderful home, land and Orcas Island and go east, so I did.

In loving gratitude for this experience, I am.  Healing blessings to all!


[1] Also known as the: “The Big Seven”:  Prayer, fasting, meditation, silence, being in nature, movement and God-focus within.

[2] A book by my friend, Mary Clarice McChrist.

[3] I have a theory about pitting oneself against some of the standard beliefs of the mass consciousness; when you do, especially for a long period of time, your reality and your God-given abilities sometimes come through more clearly.

[4] It was similar to what happened on my trip to Mexico City with Maryma McChrist, she could see the ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ above  me, but I didn’t feel or know anything was special or different about me.

[5] I understood after observing my experiences, that as I got my ‘vibe’ up; Spirit would utilize me accordingly to ‘heal’ those in need.  I usually just showed up where they were, silently, while ‘God’ did the healing.  I know I’m just the vehicle, God is the healer.

[6] At this point I just say Spirit, because of the Oneness, though my journey began under the guidance of Mother Mary, Jesus and God.

[7] Later, I found out as I met Carol, she created medical crossword puzzles as a business and a help to pre-med students.  So that was my explanation as to why I had such detailed medical visions during the healing.  Her consciousness was present, it was a group effort and sharing on the higher realms and I was picking it up.

[8] I found out later that Mother Mary, like Mary Magdalene was a great healer and it was common for them to wear rings like that and invoke the healing properties of gems as they did their work.

[9] It is my knowing, by raising  my vibration (via the Big Seven for me); Spirit/God can use my body to come through more clearly and serve humanity in any way necessary, especially healing, for I believe I came in on the ‘Green Ray’ of the healer in this lifetime.

In the beginning… Living on Loving Light

Living on God’s Loving Light

What if you woke up one day and fully realized that you had done it all?  Everything.  Had every occupation, every experience, even creating this experience?  That you could chose to have any aspect of yourself come into your body and do, what you might not think you can currently do, just by asking, via thought, to God?

After sorting through my feeling regarding this; I decided then, that there is only one thing left to experience on this Earthly plane, an intense, loving relationship with God.  God in me.  I know God’s Loving Light is the source of my energy!  Physical food is optional.

How best to connect with God, since God is everywhere and in everything?  No sooner asked then answered:  I was reminded of a childhood experience (at about 8 yrs old), when God had me reaffirm out loud to myself:  “I know these people think they are my parents, and they are nice enough people, but I know ‘You’ are really my parents.”  As I looked at the thick, white mist swirling around my head in the bathroom, gazing into the mirror….”Whoever you are…?”   Then in that moment, I remembered God and where I came from (Source).  I was devastated that I could have forgotten God!

The inner conversation continued and I was guided to now say this out loud:  “Ok, ok, I’ll say it out loud if you want me too:  I know we don’t have to eat, drink, sleep or even breathe, and we certainly don’t have to get sick and die; but, they believe that here, so we do.”

After a few more conversations with ‘God’; I was told my life would change around the year 2000… and it did… I woke up!

Physically, I had an intense body cleansing by Spirit.  I essentially had a severe, 4-day flu, every week for 4 months.  When that was finished, I was aware of most all of my extra-sensory abilities and could utilize them.  Thus, my association of intensely experiencing ‘God in me’; via my favorite tools as I know them:  Prayer (intention), Fasting from physical food (but living on Light), Meditation, Silence, being in Nature, physical Movement and best of all, focusing on the loving God-within.  Learning to have love, compassion and self-acceptance of myself and finding balance in my Heart with all parts/aspects of me.

I know God/Spirit beats my heart and breaths my body; God’s Grace.  I know I don’t want anything to come between me and God, no deviations. The intensity of that bond is “My daily bread” and sustains me.  Jesus, Mother Mary and St. Germain are all part of my Spiritual Team and various Guides helping me every step of the way and still are always with me, as are other Ascended Masters, Saints, Sages and Enlightened Ones.

My new God-job looks like ‘Being’, i.e.: Living very simply, in peace, listening-silence, flowing with The Field, knowing that Source is the provider of my needs, wants and desires.  I believe and have witnessed miracles; but also realize that miracles are the physical manifestations of God’s Grace and utilization of the Universal Laws.

I traveled many places around the world since 2001 (17 yrs) and I discovered that this life-style, without eating much physical food, being close to God suited me.  Late in 2004, my Spirit and Guides had me return to the U.S. after a 3 mo. trip to Asia.  At that point, I felt I had hit an energetic wall…hard!  I questioned Spirit and asked: “Why I was here, back in the U.S.?  Why not stay in Asia where the people are more open to these ideas?”  But my Spirit told me that my work was here.  “Bring the teachings of the East to the West.”  So, now it has been my life to live my truth here in the U.S. as best I can.  During my world travels, I went to ancient places and knew my former self as an Immortal Being, living on God’s Love and Light.  I know that is what the true Garden of Eden is.  Full awareness of God in Self (and others).

My guides told me that I am a Solarian (Soul-Air-I-Am).  It may look like a Breatharian, living on air/light or etheric energy; but, that is not my focus.  Awareness and insights are a byproduct of my focus.  My focus is God-Mother-Heart-Body union.  Just like cellular rejuvenation, regeneration, health, immortality, and other etheric abilities that are revealed along this path… these are all byproducts of my electro-magnetic, 4 body (Spirit, Mind, Heart and Body ) God-Union; embodying my Soul and Divine Plan for the benefit of Self and All.

Blessings of  Peace,

Celeste Mary