A Healing for My Brother

A Healing for My Brother

One day I was visiting the Nevada City/Grass Valley area and I was ‘Running Energy’ as I call it, or ‘Doing my Thing’ (the Big Seven[1]).  I was feeling I was done in the area and it was time to move on.  As I was driving out-of-town towards the south end of Grass Valley; I received the inner message from Spirit to call my brother, Tom.

OK. That’s interesting, we haven’t spoken that often, yet we are on friendly terms, so I gave him a call. Tom answered and we spoke for a little while.  I asked how he was; he said he was ‘OK’; but wasn’t feeling that great.  He also didn’t stay on the phone very long, which is not like him.  After we hung up, I felt puzzled.  I didn’t pick up anything particularly important in our conversation, so I continued driving a bit, when again; I heard the inner voice of Spirit, Jesus in particular, guiding me:  “Go to your brother’s house and see him”.

So, I’m trying to remember where he lives and decide to call him back to let him know that I was thinking of coming by and to verify his address; but he didn’t answer this time. So, I decided to drive over there anyway, which wasn’t too far.  I had to remember where he lived, since I had only been there once before and it was a while ago.  As I arrived, I saw his familiar truck in the driveway.  It was about 7 pm and just starting to get dark when I went to the front door.  I knocked on the screen door but there was no answer.  I then, opened the screen door and knocked on the front door; still there was no answer.  I knocked harder and called out Tom’s name.  Still no answer.  I was a bit timid at first, but decided to be bolder, since Spirit sent me there for a reason and I felt I had to find out why.  So I check the front door and it was unlocked.  I then opened it a bit and called out his name: “Tom, Tom…are you home?”  Still no answer.

Slowly I stepped into his house and just kept calling his name as I moved deeper and deeper into his house calling, “Tom? Tom?”  What was also unusual was that we had just talked on the phone, so he should be around.  Also, none of the inside lights were on and it was getting dark, so something wasn’t right.  I could sense he was there in the house somewhere, not outside.  Finally, as I approached his bedroom, I saw him in his bed.  He was sick.  He must be running a fever, I thought.  He was sweating all over and he had thrown his blankets off the bed with only the sheet partially on him.  He had an empty glass (of water) on the nightstand next to him.  I again call his name, but he didn’t awaken and didn’t answer.

I became very concerned about his condition.  I know from our previous conversations that he had a history of spinal meningitis.  He has an anomaly in his spine, so that if he gets a virus, such as the flu or a cold it can turn into spinal meningitis and he says he can die.

In the moment standing there, I really didn’t know what to do.  I’m not a trained physician or a nurse.  I don’t know who his doctor is or if he even has one.  I don’t know the area or if there is a medical facility in the area or how to get him there and what about insurance?  I know he is greatly concerned about money and expenses most all the time.  All this is running through my head along with a great amount of fear and the question: “What to do?”

I decided to then go into the living room and sit down and think.  I hear Spirit now, more clearly and I hear Jesus say to me to stay with him for three days and he will be OK.  I get an inner knowing to make sure that he has water close at hand to have it as he needs it.  I am also guided to get a facecloth and get it wet in cold water and put in on his forehead to bring his fever down.  This I do, quite frequently at first and then intermittently, as needed.  I then do all I can for him in the bedroom as he rests.

As I return to the living room and sit, I ask God/Spirit on the inside: “What more should I do?  How is this going to work?”  As I calm down and relax, I receive an understanding that by being with him; just my company (Presence) will help him heal and recover (“Two or more, in my name and I am there”).   Also, that my love for my brother will be the healing agent, along with Spirit.  I also know that my brother is closely connected with Jesus, so his Faith is there, as well as mine.  As time passes, the ‘fear’ I was feeling also passes.  I also decide, that since I am perceiving this as a ‘healing’; it is best for me to continue my practice of fasting, prayer, meditation and ‘good book’ readings, while I’m in his house, so I do.

In a little while, Tom does get up and goes to the bathroom.  He occasionally notices that I am in his house.  He was quite delirious when I arrived; but slowly and surely he is coming around for a few moments at a time, or so it seems to me.

The time passes and I just keep water for him to drink, a cold compress on his forehead as needed and just stay in the house doing ‘my thing’.  Toward the middle of the third day, I can tell that Tom is getting much better.  He stays conscious longer and can say a few words after his trips to bathroom before falling back to sleep.  Finally, his fever breaks, sometime late on the third day.

That evening, after visiting the bathroom, he comes out to me in the living room and strongly proclaims:  “You saved my life!”   I look at him and then ask:  “So you are feeling better then?”  He says: “Yes!  I thought I was dying.  I was so out of it.  How long have you been here?  How did you know to come?  Oh my God, you saved my life!  I know you did!”

So, I proceeded to give him details of the last three days.  He didn’t remember anything.  He didn’t even remember the first phone call when we talked.  But, the one thing he did remember was that I was there and it had to do with his recovery.  He said he saw a very bright light of a being in his sleep and later in the living room and as he gained consciousness and the ability to walk, he came to see who/what it was.  He found out it was me [and Spirit]!

For me, it was God, Spirit, Jesus who orchestrated this healing.  I just listened, walked through fear and uncertainty into trust while expanding the love in my heart towards my brother. That is really what resulted in his ‘healing’.  What a wonderful experience for us both!  Thank you God!

Thus I say the Miracle Prayer:

“Thank you Beloved I Am Presence, God, for helping me exercise Faith today, beyond what I know and experience a miracle of grace in each moment!”

Thank you Jesus for your love and help in all this.  Amen!


[1] The Big Seven (i.e.‘Running Energy’, ‘Doing my Thing’, etc):  Prayer, fasting, meditation, silence, communing with nature, walking (movement) and focusing on God within.