A Ride in Crestone

A Ride in Crestone

I was in Crestone, Colorado and was housesitting a large place, a bed and breakfast.  I was in the kitchen fixing lunch after finishing a fast, when I heard from Spirit, (Jesus) on the inside to stop what I was doing, leave where I was and go down into town.  Ok.  So, I immediately gathered my things and got into my van and started to drive down into town.  Its about a 4-5 mile drive.  My personal mind was thinking:  “Why am I going into town?  There is nothing I need to get.  There is nothing that I need to do, that I know of.”  Knowing to let go of these thoughts, I then just surrendered to following my inner guidance instead.

As I arrived in town, I was focused on listening more deeply to Jesus for more instructions.  I was then directed to park on the main street, at a certain spot and turn my van around so that I was pointed as if I was headed out of town.  I turned off the engine and just sat. My inner guidance was to just wait, so I did.

Pretty soon, my attention was to look to the left.  I then noticed a young man (about 25 yrs old, casually dressed) walking down a side street toward the main street near me.  As he approached the main street, he stopped at the corner and looked left and then right.  In the moment that he arrived at the corner, the sunlight caught on a medal he was wearing around his neck and it flashed a bright light.  Ok.  I then knew that ‘He was the One’.   I didn’t know the story yet; but, I knew he was the reason I came into town.

Two other people were walking by him and he stopped them and asked them something.  They looked at each other and then shrugged as if they didn’t know the answer.  One of them, then, pointed to the direction that led out-of-town, and then shrugged; as they both walked away.  The young man then stood there and looked around some more.  No one else was really around.  He then crossed the street in front of me, as I was still sitting my van, yet he didn’t seem to see me.  As he crossed to the sidewalk on my side, I got the nudge on the inside from Spirit/Jesus to now get out of the van and talk to him, so I did.

“Hello’, I said.  The young man then answered and asked if I knew if there was a Golf Course around here.  I said that I wasn’t sure; but, maybe there was a Golf driving range on the way out of town.  He asked if there was a Golf Shop too?  I said I thought so.  He asked about how far away it was and I said that it was about 6-7 miles.  He asked if there was any public transportation, a bus or something.  I kind of laughed at this; I told him that Crestone was a very small town and there wasn’t anything like that here.  I then asked him: “Why?”  He said that he needed to be at the Golf Shop at 5 pm and was wondering how to get there.  I looked at my watch and said to him that it was almost 5 pm now.  I then asked him if he would like a ride?  He said “Yes, sure!  That would be great!”  “You’ll probably be a little late though”, I said.

So we both got in the van.  I started to head out of town and while driving I was trying to remember, for sure, where this place was, for I just vaguely remembered it, since golf isn’t a big part of my world; but there is just one road into Crestone and one way out, so we’ll find it, I thought.

As we were driving along, I asked him: “Are you sure that you want to go to the Golf Shop at 5 pm?  It’s probably closed and it is Sunday.”  But he was very solid on his intent of being there and said he was sure. He didn’t seem to want to talk much and I didn’t feel to push him either.

So we travelled along in silence some more, keeping our thoughts to ourselves.  Then a few minutes before we arrived, he said:  “I haven’t been completely honest with you” which I heard with a bit of surprise.  He said that the reason he knows the shop is going to be open is because there is to be an after-hours meeting there tonight.  “Oh, ok”, I said and we smiled at each other.  Now, that made sense.

He then opened up.  He said that for many years, in fact, most of his life he had had a problem with drinking alcohol and couldn’t stop.  The only thing that would work on occasion was going to AA meetings.  He said, that he had been on and off the wagon for a long time and finally he just couldn’t stand it anymore, his life was in ruins, and this time he made a commitment to himself, God and Jesus that he was definitely going to quit for good if God would help him.  So as a sign of his commitment, he was regularly attending AA meetings and so far he has kept his promise and everything in his life was really going well!   However, this week was different because he decided to attend a week-long Spiritual retreat here, in Crestone.  He said he realized that it might be a problem for him not to miss an AA meeting.  But, he did find out that there was one in Crestone on Sunday night at 5 pm at the Golf Shop.  The other problem was that he came to the retreat with a group and didn’t have a car.  He said that when he checked in with Spirit, he had received an inner message that it somehow would be taken care of.  So he came and was trusting transportation would work out.  He mentioned that he had already walked part of the way here (to town), but didn’t realize the distance he needed to go, or where for sure where.

Just then, we arrived at the Golf Shop.  Other cars were parked there, so that was good sign that, yes, a meeting was taking place.  I asked him if he would be able to get a ride back; and he said that he thought so.  He hopped out, I got out too and gave him a hug.  I thanked him for sharing. I wished him well and then he hurried into the meeting.

I felt grateful that this young person felt comfortable enough with me to open up and share his personal thoughts and feelings.  I felt so blessed to have been able to help him.

I then turned and faced the Sangre de Christo (Blood of Christ) mountains and gave a big ‘Thank You’ to Spirit (Jesus) for letting me be a part of this story.  I then felt the biggest ‘love hug’ in my heart!  With tears in my eyes, I told Jesus (Spirit) that I was available anytime to do what I now call my ‘God Job’!

Sangre de Christo Mountains, Crestone, CO

sangre de cristo mtns

I then drove 12 miles or so back to the house where I was housesitting and contemplated about the miracle that just happened and God’s Grace that I got to be part of it!

What a gift to us both!