Making $30,000 by Fasting

It was January 2004, and I had just recently returned from my trip to Mexico City for the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Before I left, I put the house I owned in Nevada City up for sale a few months prior.  After I returned, I felt transformed in many ways.  My real estate agent name was Mary.

As I resumed somewhat to daily life again; I felt motivated to ‘spruce-up’ the house again by painting the inside of the garage and the outside back deck.  Since I was learning more and more about energy, I chose to sing, chant mantras while I painted and/or play music.  My favorite song was the ‘Ave Maria’ or other New Age music.

During the 4 months the house was on the market, prior to my trip to Mexico, only a few potential buyers had come by to see the property.  Now that I had returned, no new buyers had come by.  But, I didn’t feel worried. I merrily went about my life, moment by moment.

Then one weekend, not one couple, but two couples came by to check out the house – twice they both came back!  That was new.  But, I felt non-attached about it really.  Then on that next Saturday, my agent, Mary, called me and told me that one of the couples contacted her and had her write-up an offer.  She said that she fully expected the other couple to, perhaps show-up with an offer too, because they also indicated they were very interested; but, so far they hadn’t contacted her.  So with this offer in hand, she wanted to know if I would be available for her to come by on Sunday to present it to me.  She said, she thought I’d like the offer.  It was shy of my asking price and there were a few contingencies; but she thought we could work with it.  She asked, if 1 p.m. would be ok?  And I said, “yes.”

On Sunday, I decided to attend a Community Church gathering where my friends sing and play instruments.  It’s a bit of a drive from where I live, but I enjoy it.  I arrived about 10 a.m., as it was starting.  However, as I was walking into the Church, suddenly my Guides came in telepathically (I feel a lot of joy, when this happens).  They said, “We want to talk to you.”  So, as I started to sit down, I telepathed back to them, “Ok, it seems like a good place to communicate, it’s the House of God.”  But instead, they say, “We need to talk to you at your house.”  So since, obviously it was important, I decided to leave immediately and go back home.  I left a lot of friends with puzzled expressions on their faces for leaving so quickly, after just arriving, but what could I say?

I drove the 25 mins to get back home.  I went into the house and I felt Spirit direct me to the Dining Room to sit down and communicate.  From the years that I re-awakened and learned about energy, I did have some nice ‘energy’ set-up in my house, so it feels like a good place for me to be.  I sat on a dining room chair right next to the window, gazing at the sunlight, the view and the rainbows from the hanging crystal.

I felt a ‘message’ come in from my Guides: “You know how you have been fasting, one day at a time, here and there after your trip to Mexico?  How would you feel about fasting for three days straight?”   (My spiritual practices have included participating in Vipassana (a Buddhist meditation technique), I knew to really check-in with my feelings, before answering – to get a true answer from all my bodies.  I allowed my feelings the time to express themselves from all parts of myself before answering; to make sure I could get a full alignment, not just answer from my head.)  After a few minutes, it seemed all aspects of myself were in agreement that this could be accomplished truthfully.  So I telepathed back: “It would be ok.”  I then asked, “when?”  And I understood my Guides to say, “Next weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”  That seemed ok to me.  Neither I, nor my Guides seem to have anything more to say, so I shifted back-down to my current reality, that we know as 3-D.

As I looked around, I checked the clock and realized that it was too late to try and return to the Church Service I was previously attending; so I decided I might as well as just change my clothes and get on with my day and stay home.

I started walking down the long hallway to my bedroom and then I could hear the phone ringing.  I went to the bedroom and picked it up, “Hello?”  The call was from my Real Estate Agent, Mary, she was calling me; “Hi Mary, you won’t believe what just happened!  You know that couple that put in the offer on your house?  Well they just called.  They said that they didn’t want to take a chance in losing the house (in case the other couple showed up with an offer also); they want me to re-write the offer now.  The new offer is to be at full-price, without any contingencies!  Roughly, that’s a $30,000 difference!  Can you believe it!  I’ve been doing Real Estate for 25 years and this has never happened!  Amazing!   So, if it is alright with you, how about if I come by at 3 p.m. instead of 1 p.m., with this offer?”   I said:  “Amazing is right!  Thank you!  Sounds great!  Ok, I’ll see you then.”

As I let go of holding the phone next to my ear and started to put it back on the cradle, I again heard from the inside, my Guides come in and telepath: “You show-up for Spirit 100%, we show-up for you!”  Then I knew that Spirit was happy with me (gifting me a 100% offer on the house for a 100% commitment to my path ( i.e. fasting)), as I began my ‘next step,’ into my new way of life, a closer partnership with God.


Published by

Celeste Mary

After a major transformation in 2001, I found I could go long periods of time without much food or water. I also traveled the world on many magical/miraculous journeys with Spirit for about 17 yrs. I am writing now to share some of those experiences with others.

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