Faith as Fuel in the Car

Faith as Fuel in the Car

My friend William is a very special person.  I knew him as Wil.   He was open to all possibilities and maybe that is why he lived and experienced a different life than most people.  One day while we were visiting, he told me of an experience in his life that I enjoyed hearing very much, so I thought I’d share it with you.  To me, his story is what magic and dreams are made of….


I was planning a road-trip across the country [USA]; so, in preparation, I needed to get a few things done on my car.  I took it into an auto-repair shop where I had gotten to know the mechanics pretty well.  In fact, Tom, my friend now, was the person who mostly worked on my car.  Tom and I liked to chit-chat about paranormal experiences and metaphysical philosophies and over the years we became good friends.  In this last visit, as Tom was finishing up with a few minor repairs on my car, he stepped over to me and said:  “You know, I can fix it so that your car will never need gas.”  I said, “Cool, you can?  Awesome!  Go ahead, I’d love it!”   Then Tom stepped away and turned towards the car.  In the meantime, another friend came by and I got engaged in conversation with him.  The most I noticed about Tom ‘working magic’, was that he just walked around the car, talking to it and had his palms out towards it, like doing a blessing.

When he was done, he came over and we finished up the conversation where we both agreed: “Its all about energy and vibration in this world to manifest what one wants.”  He mentioned that: Now, I just need to keep ‘Faith’ in what he said, believe in the possibilities of magic [high vibration] and not to doubt [low vibration].  I then paid the bill and said my good-byes.

A while later, I am leaving on my trip and notice I have about a quarter tank of gas and normally I’d stop and fill-up before departing.  This time, though, I decided to ‘Keep the Faith’ and see what would happen.   I turned on some really good music and was driving in a great state of Joy, just appreciating the beauty of this world, Earth and looking forward to my next adventure.  The miles and hours passed by like minutes….God, how I love great music!!!

Driving down the highway, a while longer, the warning light came on about needing gas.  I was maintaining my great mood and I said to myself, “Hey, it’s cool.  No worry.”  And, I let it go.” [that was Will’s usual phrase….’let it go’.]   Pretty soon, the car started to sputter and kind-of have small, jerking actions as it was running out of gas.   I started to move into the slow lane and then look for a place to pull over to the side of the road…. but then, the Magic happened!  The car was still moving in the momentum of the regular gas which now was gone, when a completely different energy came into the car.  It was like the car was suddenly powered by jet fuel!  The car had a completely different sound!  A higher pitch.  Smooth.  High vibe.  I was ecstatic!!!  How cool is this?  Awesome!  My car is running on Light energy and my car sounded like a jet engine!  No more buying gas for me!  I love my friends!!!

[I then asked Will, “Does your car still run on Light energy now?”  He said no.  It stopped a while ago.]  He said it happened like this:

My journey, over the years, took me to many places and I met many people.  I could see etheric energy most of the time and enjoyed all that I did experience.  All was well and everything was going really great.  Then one time I was in California and ‘I got it,’ I was to pick up this young lady, Julie, and we were to travel through Nevada and go to Arizona.  Everything was going well.  A couple of days into the trip, we were driving through the desert near Las Vegas, it had to be well over a hundred degrees, and we had this conversation:

Julie says:  “Hey Will, I noticed your gas gage says it’s on empty, maybe we better get some gas.”  Will says: “No, it’s ok.  The gage is broken and there is plenty of gas.” (In the meantime, Will tells me that he already knew that Julie was young and just discovering her path and had not gotten to the point of believing in the magic of Light energy in physical action on this earthly plane, so he didn’t feel he could explain to her this paranormal phenomena right then and there).  Julie says:  “Ok.”   Then a little while passes and  Julie thinks about it and says:  “I understand what you said, but how then do you know then, when to get gas?  I wouldn’t be such pest about this, but we are in the middle of the desert, in the summer heat which has to be 110° or more, and it would be a real bummer to run out of gas and air conditioning.”  Will replies: “I just fill it up and then calculate how far I can drive and it is always ok.”  (he tells me he is happy, still feeling self-assured and smiling while he answers her….still holding a really good vibe.)  Some times passes, then Julie says:  “Ok, this is my last time to bother you about this…if I didn’t feel it was so important, I’d let it go too, but I’ve been traveling with you now for days, and we haven’t stopped to get gas!”   Will is now feeling stuck.  No quick answer.  She is just not ‘there’ in knowing and experience and explaining magic isn’t going to work.  Will knows it is a low vibe to feel you are not telling the truth.  He waits a while and just says:  “Hey, can you just let it go, ok?”   Julie says: “Sure.”  And true to her word, she spoke no more about it.

The rub is that Will couldn’t let it go.  He turned up the tunes.  His favorite songs.  He even started humming, drumming his fingers on his knee, trying to hold his happy vibe.  He was doing well.  As the time passed the silence between him and Julie grew.  He could feel the heaviness of the energy between them draining away his Joy.  The music was good, the scenery good, the future good….but the moment…the now…it was changing.

As he let his mind relax in between the music, his sub-conscious mind started to work on his thoughts… “What if?”  Slowly, but surely, doubt started to creep in.  His vibe was getting lower, he was losing his smile and self-assured attitude…his Joy was slipping away.   He consciously acknowledged that he was sitting next to Julie, and thereby sharing her auric field in a small space.  The Law of Opposite Expression was plain to feel and the resistance was building between them.  Finally, in a wandering-mind, sort of way, doubt got a foothold and he had the thought:  “What if we did run out of gas?”  In that very instant, the car lost energy, started to slow down and the sound went from a nice high-pitch tone to being quiet, very quiet…. Yes!  As if answer to his thoughts, the universe complied, they are indeed out of gas.

[I asked Will if he ever he went back to Tom to get his car ‘fixed’ again and he said no.  He had lost the location and when he thought he found the shop again, Tom wasn’t there.]  Wil can be very philosophical also.  He said, “Anyway, that wasn’t the point.  It was a lesson.”  He got years of free gas and living in the magic of ‘Being’ in Light and it is an awesome ‘high-vibe’ experience…one we are all here to master…no matter how it manifests.  The magic is within us.  He was a co-creator with Tom and they had a goal of creating ‘magic’ and they did.  When with Julie, they co-created doubt.  But the point is to master ‘Self’ and maintain the magic within….even in the face of contrast…all around us also.   Self-mastery is the key.  In conclusion all he said was: “Peace”. [One of his favorite sayings].

And peace be with you….Wil…as you shared your gift of stories with me, I now share with others, though you have passed on to other worlds….God bless you and the love we shared.

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Celeste Mary

After a major transformation in 2001, I found I could go long periods of time without much food or water. I also traveled the world on many magical/miraculous journeys with Spirit for about 17 yrs. I am writing now to share some of those experiences with others.

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