Making $30,000 by Fasting

It was January 2004, and I had just recently returned from my trip to Mexico City for the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Before I left, I put the house I owned in Nevada City up for sale a few months prior.  After I returned, I felt transformed in many ways.  My real estate agent name was Mary.

As I resumed somewhat to daily life again; I felt motivated to ‘spruce-up’ the house again by painting the inside of the garage and the outside back deck.  Since I was learning more and more about energy, I chose to sing, chant mantras while I painted and/or play music.  My favorite song was the ‘Ave Maria’ or other New Age music.

During the 4 months the house was on the market, prior to my trip to Mexico, only a few potential buyers had come by to see the property.  Now that I had returned, no new buyers had come by.  But, I didn’t feel worried. I merrily went about my life, moment by moment.

Then one weekend, not one couple, but two couples came by to check out the house – twice they both came back!  That was new.  But, I felt non-attached about it really.  Then on that next Saturday, my agent, Mary, called me and told me that one of the couples contacted her and had her write-up an offer.  She said that she fully expected the other couple to, perhaps show-up with an offer too, because they also indicated they were very interested; but, so far they hadn’t contacted her.  So with this offer in hand, she wanted to know if I would be available for her to come by on Sunday to present it to me.  She said, she thought I’d like the offer.  It was shy of my asking price and there were a few contingencies; but she thought we could work with it.  She asked, if 1 p.m. would be ok?  And I said, “yes.”

On Sunday, I decided to attend a Community Church gathering where my friends sing and play instruments.  It’s a bit of a drive from where I live, but I enjoy it.  I arrived about 10 a.m., as it was starting.  However, as I was walking into the Church, suddenly my Guides came in telepathically (I feel a lot of joy, when this happens).  They said, “We want to talk to you.”  So, as I started to sit down, I telepathed back to them, “Ok, it seems like a good place to communicate, it’s the House of God.”  But instead, they say, “We need to talk to you at your house.”  So since, obviously it was important, I decided to leave immediately and go back home.  I left a lot of friends with puzzled expressions on their faces for leaving so quickly, after just arriving, but what could I say?

I drove the 25 mins to get back home.  I went into the house and I felt Spirit direct me to the Dining Room to sit down and communicate.  From the years that I re-awakened and learned about energy, I did have some nice ‘energy’ set-up in my house, so it feels like a good place for me to be.  I sat on a dining room chair right next to the window, gazing at the sunlight, the view and the rainbows from the hanging crystal.

I felt a ‘message’ come in from my Guides: “You know how you have been fasting, one day at a time, here and there after your trip to Mexico?  How would you feel about fasting for three days straight?”   (My spiritual practices have included participating in Vipassana (a Buddhist meditation technique), I knew to really check-in with my feelings, before answering – to get a true answer from all my bodies.  I allowed my feelings the time to express themselves from all parts of myself before answering; to make sure I could get a full alignment, not just answer from my head.)  After a few minutes, it seemed all aspects of myself were in agreement that this could be accomplished truthfully.  So I telepathed back: “It would be ok.”  I then asked, “when?”  And I understood my Guides to say, “Next weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”  That seemed ok to me.  Neither I, nor my Guides seem to have anything more to say, so I shifted back-down to my current reality, that we know as 3-D.

As I looked around, I checked the clock and realized that it was too late to try and return to the Church Service I was previously attending; so I decided I might as well as just change my clothes and get on with my day and stay home.

I started walking down the long hallway to my bedroom and then I could hear the phone ringing.  I went to the bedroom and picked it up, “Hello?”  The call was from my Real Estate Agent, Mary, she was calling me; “Hi Mary, you won’t believe what just happened!  You know that couple that put in the offer on your house?  Well they just called.  They said that they didn’t want to take a chance in losing the house (in case the other couple showed up with an offer also); they want me to re-write the offer now.  The new offer is to be at full-price, without any contingencies!  Roughly, that’s a $30,000 difference!  Can you believe it!  I’ve been doing Real Estate for 25 years and this has never happened!  Amazing!   So, if it is alright with you, how about if I come by at 3 p.m. instead of 1 p.m., with this offer?”   I said:  “Amazing is right!  Thank you!  Sounds great!  Ok, I’ll see you then.”

As I let go of holding the phone next to my ear and started to put it back on the cradle, I again heard from the inside, my Guides come in and telepath: “You show-up for Spirit 100%, we show-up for you!”  Then I knew that Spirit was happy with me (gifting me a 100% offer on the house for a 100% commitment to my path ( i.e. fasting)), as I began my ‘next step,’ into my new way of life, a closer partnership with God.


Living in the Forest


Banff National Park, Alberta Canada, August 2009

I am Monad, a beautiful lady who lives in the forest.  The forest is wide and vast.  There is plenty of natural food in this forest.   Down in the valley, is a wonderful river with plenty of glacier-melt water that runs all year and tastes wonderful to drink!

I, Monad, am a young maiden and live by myself in the forest with the animals, trees, plants, birds and flowers.   I have my messengers from God; they are in nature, silently.  Jesus gives me messages as a deer/elk, Mother Mary comes to me as bird messengers, especially the robin; and, St. Germain comes as a wise crow.

This one day as I am walking through the forest, I became hungry.  I stopped and sat down and asked Mother Earth to help me find something that would be good for me to eat.  After resting a little while, I then went deeper into the forest and pretty soon I saw the most amazing, huge, Elk that I had ever seen.  It stopped and looked at me and didn’t even run off.  Instead, it went about its business grazing on grasses and such.  Pretty soon, I felt guided to follow the Elk as it wandered down a trail.  I noticed that the Elk was not only eating grasses, but some of the mushrooms that had sprung up overnight after the last rainstorm.  As I walked along I began to wonder what mushrooms might be good for me to eat or not.

Remembering guidance from Archangel Michael, he told me that when something feels good, I would get a great ‘love’ feeling in my heart that would feel good also; and that when something didn’t feel good (or wasn’t good for me), I would get a heaviness in the pit of my stomach and maybe feel bad or hear the words ‘no’.  But he cautioned me, to not always trust the words….to trust my feelings instead.  I also noticed that God speaks through me silently as well.  God seems to use my eyes to notice specific things.  I found myself seeing certain mushrooms along the path and then I would ask my inside self if that one was good for me or not.  The first few I felt I heard the words no or the feeling of hunger went away from the inside.  I was also noticing quite a trail of partially-eaten mushrooms left by the Elk.  Thank you Jesus!  I felt he was leaving me a trail of mushroom crumbs to let me know I was on the right path!  Pretty soon, I felt my eyes focus on this pretty pink/red mushroom.  It looked great.  I felt happy!  I asked the mushroom if it would be ok if I picked it and I still felt happy, so I did.  My heart was very joyous and I then decided to sit down, right then and there and eat the mushroom.  I gave great gratitude to God and Mother Earth for this gift!  Wow! What a meal…not just a few leaves or nuts, but a big mushroom!   I noticed as I sat and gave a great big, heart-open, gratitude to God, I looked up to the sky and the clouds parted and the sun shone through and this amazing love passed all around me and through me…. Ah, the love of Creator!  She/he loves us all so much….

I found it interesting that the mushroom had a hot spicy taste to it.  It wasn’t plain at all…very tasty and filling too!   After I finished, I decided to walk some more, but now I was thirsty.  I have noticed that mostly I am not thirsty, unless I eat something.  As I went further on my walk, I again looked around for maybe some more mushrooms; but, then I remembered that it is best for me not to store-up food.  From my experience, eating in the moment is best.  It is fresh and it is what is best for me in that moment.  Many times in the past, I had stored food, but really, the next day or later, it is usually something else I really want to eat and not what I had collected.  I also realized that I took the gift of the plant’s life-energy when I picked it in that moment; so instead, I could have just left it there to continue to grow, stay fresh and live.

Living in the forest by myself has given me time to contemplate many of my likes and dislikes and my tendencies to base my actions on either love or fear.  Ultimately, that is what I figures it all comes down to: love or fear.  Sometimes love has other names like: gratitude, appreciation, beauty, kindness, joy, life, etc. and fear has other names like: anger, greed, mean, dead, hurt, pain, etc.  I have decided that love feels better than fear.  I love it when my heart opens and feels so big and happy.  Yes!  So I try to always choose love as much as possible and notice when I am perhaps making my choices based on fear instead.  Mostly, I realize that storing a lot of food, was really based on fear and not love.  It really gets down to the moment also.  I have realized that acting outside of what is needed for the moment is living in the past (habits/pattern) or future (fear of lack)…and not in my power of creativity in the moment.   I noticed that when I am in the flow of the moment, I am very creative and well taken care of.

I really like being alone a lot, because I realize, I am not really alone!  On the inside I have my ‘knowing’ of a connection to another world of invisible friends that are visible to me there.  My invisible friends do help me here.  Sometimes, they are really pretty visible here…really!  Sometimes, I look at the bark of a tree and see people-like beings.  One time, I saw a leprechaun and even talked to him for a while!  Mother Earth or Mother Mary, I’m not sure which, talks to me all the time through the honey bees.  She gives me ideas when they come near me as I sit quietly.  So who is to say what is visible or invisible anyway?

I have also noticed something else that I would like to share: that when you sleep directly on Mother Earth, you get the most wonderful insights, dreams and healings.  Yes, it is true, it happens to me all the time.  I find that I have inside information about the area where I am, the people and animals that come near me, I also remember my dreams and where I journey during the night and the best of all, Mother Earth and the angels heal my body so I am always healthy!  Nature is awesome!  I notice also that I have to do my part and be silent, listen and be observant.  Nature (birds, animals, plants and trees) are always silently showing me their way of being and all I have to do is sit, be quiet and observe.  If any questions well up inside of me, pretty soon something or someone shows up to give me an answer.

Day 2:   I woke up this morning in a new forest.  I visited the horses and mules nearby.  I noticed a lot of ground squirrels in this area.  I very much felt my connection to my star brothers and sisters.  I felt today like spending time saying my “I Am Presence” prayer.  Last night as I was walking through the forest, I again noticed a lot of mushrooms, many different varieties that I was not familiar with.  I talked to God/Goddess (Mother Earth) and asked Spirit to somehow show me which ones might be good to eat.  Later I met a cowboy and he was very wary of eating any mushroom, though he said he knew someone once who knew how to find his meal in the forest anytime.  I thought about what he said….eating in the moment and having a full-meal everyday just in the forest!

I began my prayers, this morning, calling in the Saints, sages and honoring the 7 directions.  I called to bless all life.  I love doing my prayers and I feel a special energy for myself in honoring the Earth, especially when I feel it is right  to say them.  It takes a while, about 2 hours to really ‘feel’ into them.  At some point I also held my ‘mother crystal’ in my lap, to anchor the love and light of source (which is everywhere) here in this sacred place.   Today was a very special day.  It is the 3rd day anniversary of the Harmonic Concordance and also the anniversary of my former marriage 36 years ago….August 18th.

As I pondered, again, which mushrooms might be good to eat, and after talking to the man, I decided to collect a few and set them aside with the intention of researching them at the library.  A very mental way to approach the situation.  However, this morning when I was setting up to say my prayers, I noticed the ground squirrels running around and eating this or that.  I asked Spirit to only show me (notice) those mushrooms that are good for me.  I noticed that the squirrels did eat most of one variety of mushroom…so those must be good.  Shortly, thereafter, I had a thought…that would be good, if the squirrels just nibbled on a mushroom, but didn’t eat it all of it (like the elk did); then, I would know it would be good to eat and there would be some for me.

Towards the end of my prayer session; I felt very much compelled to call in my grandmothers and grandfathers.  The area where I am is called Winnewanka, after the former Native Americans (or First Nation) people that lived here called Winni-wiki.  I felt like no one had been here in a long time to drum to Mother Earth or to honor our Native American ancestors and Mother Earth through drumming.  The order of my prayers include this request:  “Beloved Maitreya, how can I exercise faith today, beyond what I know and experience a miracle in each moment?”   I say this three times.  I also know Maitreya as the higher/incorporated selves of Jesus, Mary, Sananda, Buddha, ascended Native American and galactic oversoul.   Then I drummed.  I really feel into my drumming; calling on all the Love and Light Spirits that are present and wanting to express their love into this earthly plane.  I love the sound of drumming, it fills up my heart and I love feeling the presence of Spirit within and all around me.  I was sitting on my blanket from Mexico, barefoot, eyes closed in the forest really enjoying myself with the sun shinning and the wind gently blowing…. Ah, the love!

When I was done, I realized I was hungry.  As I walked forward I noticed mushrooms around me…yet, the thought of mushrooms was really farthest from my mind.  I noticed this time certain ones and I felt they were a very special gift from Spirit… a thank you.  I collected those and walked further.  I then saw the same type of mushrooms that the squirrels were eating, but this time they just took a nibble from the top and left plenty for me!!!!   Awesome!  Thank you God!  Thank you Lord Maitreya for miracle!  And most perfectly, thank you ancestors and Mother Earth for showing me.   By the time I got to where I wanted to wash and eat the mushrooms, I realized I had a lot of mushrooms!  Too many, really.  So, then I proceeded to check out each one….but not through the mind, through the heart.  I held each one to my heart and asked if this one was good to eat?   I could feel a huge amount of love-energy move through my heart and could hear ‘yes’.   After a while, I then asked Spirit, are all mushrooms good to eat?  I felt that the answer I got was that it is a matter of vibration.  What ever vibration I am radiating at, I attract into my reality….with help from Spirit for discernment, at this moment, I was ‘blessing’ the mushrooms and they were blessing me.  I believed them to be divine and therefore they were, especially holding them up to my heart in deep appreciation and gratitude!  Mushrooms are special, because they are sensitive beings/spirits and are easily infused with the love/fear energy of others, especially humans.

After washing the mushrooms, I decided to taste test the different ones….  Oh, now I get it!  With so many, I don’t need to eat them all.  They all have different tastes and textures.  As I sampled them, I realized that the ones I liked best were the ones that the squirrels took a nibble out of…of course!  They are experienced taste-testers!  I noticed, as I started to eat these and get my fill, I moved on to other mushrooms, Spirit was guiding me further…sometimes I would go to sample a new and different one, but then my stomach felt full.  To me that is ‘no’ or wait, so I sat it down.   Some were easy to discern right away (to tough, bitter aftertaste, etc.) so I decided to bless them and return them back to the land.  I am so happy!  I keep laughing now when I saw all these mushrooms with little squirrel nibbles on them!  I love God.  Always getting through to me, one way or another, so I can again trust nature and how Mother Earth feeds us naturally.

I love miracles…it is a miracle to me.  I didn’t have to use my mind, go to the library, spend a lot of time looking up what other people have figured out…Spirit was able to show me right here and now what was good for me and I immediately had breakfast…through love, my heart, intuitive feelings and the animals.  Thank you God/Goddess, you are awesome!





Little Foot


I was in California and had met a beautiful older man, Peter, while I was serving at campground hostess at Panther Meadow on Mount Shasta.  Peter was from Montana and he said he was guided to come to the mountain.  He was a miner, a prospector and also had just sold his large, successful art and collectibles gallery back East.  Sometime later, Peter met Kamala who lived in Mt. Shasta and taught classes on The Ascended Masters.  Later, I then met Kamala and even house-sat for her as well.

One day, Kamala was putting on her first workshop in Sedona and Peter was going to help her.  They both then, asked me if I would like to help also, as I was headed towards Sedona in my travels.  I said ‘yes’, but since it was still a couple of weeks out, I’d have to see what was happening in my life, before I could be sure.

I decided to travel to Southern California (this is in 2009) and spend some time at Joshua Tree National Park.  I liked going there to get closer to Spirit, do a body-cleanse by fasting and at that time I also was saying the ‘Ascension Hail Mary prayers’ and reading a ‘Mother Mary’ book.[1]  I finished up in the California desert and started to head further southeast, towards Sedona to help my friends, Kamala and Peter with this week-long workshop.  As I was driving there, I was passing a lot more desert area.  I don’t know exactly why, but whenever I go through the desert, I feel Jesus acutely and I seem to always want to go on a fast.  As I asked Spirit about this, one time, a person did a reading for me and she told me that the reason for this, was I was with Jesus in the desert as an elemental, water, when he did his 40 days fast.

Another time, my Spirit gifted me with a vision:  I saw myself (my consciousness) about 20 feet off the ground.  I was looking down at a man standing in front of a large sea.  He was dressed in many layers of robes of long ago.  He had a staff in his right hand.  He was commanding the waters to part.  I looked up ahead of me and I saw the ‘Eye of God’, and I received approval from God to do as he [Moses] commanded, so I used my ‘beingness’ and parted the waters of the Red Sea.  I was in a multi-dimensional state of being, so I was the invisible wall that separated the waters and created a path of dry earth for the people to walk, I also was a higher Presence that was above the event witnessing it.  As the people got to the other side, I then ‘felt’ Moses want to close the waters again, so I did.  Everything was totally non-emotional, just serving God/Moses as directed.

Back to this story traveling to Sedona, I am now entering Sedona through the south-end of town and a thought comes in for me to ask:  “Jesus, you know me, I’ve been fasting on and off for many years now, but never have I fasted for 40 days straight.  Is there really anything to fasting 40 days straight?”  I then felt a strong energy come into me and I found myself making a left turn towards Boynton Canyon.  I was already loaded up with water, tea, some apple and lemon juice.  “Ok,” I thought, as it was becoming very apparent that Spirit was guiding me to a place to do a long fast.  Guess, there is nothing like ‘experiencing’ life to get one’s answers to a question.  I cancelled all my obligations to the outside world, which was very easy (I’ve learned over time, not to make too many commitments outside of ‘now’) and found myself in a good place to stay put and do my ‘shamanic thing’[2]

The first day I just settled in, made appropriate phone calls, obtained as much water as I could have with me (about 10 gallons) and did prayer.  The second day, I started to wander around a little bit.  I could tell there were cows in the area.  It seemed that I could also, feel deer around, but they weren’t anywhere I could see them.  I also would hear occasional gunshots in the area, but they were mostly in the morning and not very close to where I was staying.

On the third day, I felt to wander to a particular place further out.  As I was out near an area that must have had water, but now it was underground, I sat on a rock.  Shortly thereafter, I felt a ‘presence’, a being of some sort.  As I sat there, I felt more into the ‘energy field’ of the being and it felt fine.  It seemed curious to me and also a little timid.  I felt it was observing me from a distance.

This experience got my curiosity up.  I decided to try and visit the being again.  It was the fourth day of my fast, so I was getting lighter too and more sensitive.  I returned to the rock where I sat the day before and tried to open a dialog. Instead of hearing much, I received a vision of a small, brown person.  I just felt to sit, wait and be benevolent.  After a while I went back to my van camp (I was just van camping, no tent this time).  I again just spent my day doing ‘The Big Seven’ and sometimes some art.  At some point during the night, in the early morning, as I was sleeping in my van with the side door open I was suddenly awakened to see a whole herd of cows in my immediate area and right next to me. I could practically reach out and touch them if I wanted; I realized I was very happy I was in my van and high off the ground and not in a tent.  Later, as it got towards dawn, I again heard gunshots in the morning, not too close to me, but I found it very disturbing.  I didn’t know the rules, laws of this area, but I was really hoping they weren’t shooting any animals, especially as I was trying to be friendly to them.

That day, I wandered around the area again; I think because of the energy I was running, by fasting, a deer did let me see it.  I tried to telepath to it a message of love and peace.  I confirmed that it needed to do what was necessary to be safe also, since I sensed it was hiding out for some reason.  Later that day, I again went to the rock to see if my etheric ‘little brown friend’ was there.  As I sat there, I could feel it come much closer to me.  Maybe because of my process, as I was becoming more surrendered and benevolent to Spirit, the being that day came right near me.  I sat for a long time in peace and silence enjoying our energetic sharing.  At some point, I felt it was time to go.  As I was leaving, I started noticing ‘barefoot prints’ in the soft sand.  In a little while, I stopped and took a closer look.  They were the barefoot prints of a human that was the size of a child.  The width of the foot seemed equal to the length of the foot!  “How unusual,” I thought.  I sensed, though it was a human footprint, but maybe it wasn’t a modern day, common one.  Shortly, thereafter, I also realized that no common person would be walking around barefoot in this area, it is full of sharp rocks and cactus!  I also realized that the footsteps only seemed to stay in the immediate area of where the sitting rock was and not much further out.

“Wow,” I thought, “This being, this little brown person, has gifted me with these footprints.  Humm…  I think I’ll call him/her ‘Little Foot!’”  In honor of the ‘Big Foot’ beings of California and Oregon, but much smaller.  Other than the barefoot prints I saw the next few days as I wandered around the area, that was most of my contact with Little Foot, in that way, until my last day of the fast.  I didn’t feel to photograph the footprints.  I felt it was a personal gift to me and it was best to keep this to myself at that time.

Also, within the next few days, the early morning gunshots would sometime come closer.    About then, I was running out of water and had to go into town.  While I was in town, with cell phone reception I called around and found out that yes, indeed, hunting season had just opened and was allowed in the area where I was.  I then made note of the dates.  In my sensitive state, I really didn’t like the shooting happening around me.  I felt that by fasting, the animals were feeling the energy and wanted to come to me, in friendship; same with me, friendship, not to be killed.

Then one morning, I knew that the hunter had killed the last and only deer left in the area; the one that had let me notice it.  I did a prayer for the soul of the deer and the man who killed it.  Later, I felt to wander around a bit and almost immediately, I came across a couple of men.  One was highly excited.  He approached me and asked, “Have you seen any deer around here?”  In a very impersonal, non-emotional way I answered, “There was one a few days ago, but now he was killed this morning.”  The man, in a very excited stated said, “Yes, I know!  I killed it!”  As he was grinning from ear to ear, so happy with himself.  He then said, “I’ve brought my friend out here now, to see if we can find more deer and hunt them too.”  I said, “You might as well as go home, they are all gone now.”  He then decided to ignore me and the two of them walked away, the one man talking excitedly to get their energy back up for killing.  For me, I also just kept walking the other way and knew that ‘what goes around, comes around’; or ‘do unto others (including animals) as you would have them do unto you’.  God bless.

I continued on my fast and found myself travelling out-of-body pretty easily.  I was visited by Spirits and received a lot of knowing/awareness as I would propose questions to the universe asking, ‘What were the Universal Laws’.  I found that my 10 gallons of water would last me about a week.  That was the hard part, having to drive out of the wilderness, all the way into town to get water.  The challenging part was energetics.  I was very sensitive to everyone; hearing their thoughts and feeling their feelings.  I had to stay focused to just get my water and return to the wilderness, as not to get sidetracked with the ‘mass-consciousness’ field of the city.

As it turned out, on the 19th day of my fast, Mother Mary came to me and we looked at my life/lives together.  As we ‘remote viewed’ my timelines and lifetimes, it became clear to me that I still had some heavy energy left where I grew up, Ojai California.  It seemed to me, that she was indicating that it would be good for me to return there next, to ‘gather’ my previous, lower-vibrational energy there and transmute it.[3]   On Day 20, a curious thing happened.  I went for an early morning walk to an area I had not been before.  I just meandered here and there.  Then I saw a young man not too far away also coming where I was walking.  I didn’t feel we were to meet or talk, just be in proximity of each other, which we were for about 20 mins.  I felt into him and sensed he was with the military.  He was only about 30 yrs old, but it seemed he had a very responsible job, a technical job.  It also seemed that he was greatly troubled.

After we energetically connected and I left the area to return to my ‘retreat spot’; I was sensing that something powerful happened.  I felt a transference of energy occur.  It was very subtle, so it had to be Spirit directed, but an overwhelming sense of anger, frustration and loss came over me.  No longer did I seem to know the Masters, Saints or Angels.  In fact, as I tried to resume praying, I didn’t seem to know what that was all about.  Regardless, I just sat with myself until the end of the day and didn’t do much except later, after quite a while, could I continue doing what I usually did, ‘The Big Seven’.[4]

The next morning, the 21st Day of fasting, I got it very strongly from Spirit to leave, I was done.  I felt happy about it.  As I was leaving, I felt to stop at the Honanki Ruins, which was near where I was camping.  It was before 8 a.m., so I had the place pretty much to myself.  As I was approaching the ruins, I realized that ‘Little Foot’ was with me.  He telepathed to me as I walked around the site, he said, “I wanted to show you where I live (yes, live, not of the past).”  I then stood looking at the cliff dwellings in the cliff-face wall and Little Foot indicated he was from there.  I thought that this was wonderful to know and I indicated that I felt very honored that Little Foot wanted to shared this information with me.  “Wow,” How amazing!  Since I was there for a little bit, the docents that worked there showed up later and I asked them how old the ruins were and she told me about 1100-1300 AD[5].  I then realized again, truly there is no time and space when one gets out of this dimension; it’s all ‘now’.  Thus, Little Foot’s past is his/her ‘present’ and my present as well, in the right circumstances, vibration and dimension.

As I left to go, I felt a great amount of joy and love in my heart from Spirit (for a job ‘well-done’).  Then I headed to Ojai, to finish my fasting, prayer and ‘The Big Seven’.


[1] The Blessed Mother’s Blue Rose of the Healing Heart, by Clarice Mary McChrist.

[2] Also known as The Big Seven: “Prayer, Fasting, Meditating, Silence, Movement, Being in Nature and Focusing on God Within.”

[3] This became my knowing and mission, as I travel the world, God is sending me to places of ‘former lives’ to magnetize my energy back to myself and transmute it to a higher vibration.  Knowing that only ‘I’ can do this for myself and my Soul-group, Monad.  This I know to be my process and my gift of service back to the planet.

[4] Over time, this happened before, my knowing of this is that the man became me and I became him, maybe we were in the same Soul group?  Either way it’s a blessing, for me as he and he as me, we merged and my knowing became his knowing until it was integrated and for me ‘transmuted’ into higher knowing of Spirit.

[5] The Sinagua people of the Ancient Pueblo Peoples, and ancestors of the Hopi people, lived here from about 1100 to 1300 CE. (

Fun with Horses

Fun with Horses

When I was about 8 years old, I remember one day in May, I woke up and decided to plant a flower garden.  I planted it outside my bedroom window.  My family was surprised.  No one in my family gardened.  I wasn’t really taught, I just kind of knew how to do it and it was easy.  I really liked the flowers.  A little while later I decided I’d like to have a bigger garden (it must be why I was named Mary).  Anyway, I talked to Grandma and Grandpa Craig who owned the property and got permission to find a place to grow vegetables.  They helped me with a lot of things I didn’t know.  I found a great place on the property and I enjoyed watching the plants grow.

I and the vegetable garden were doing pretty well, but in particular, I was watching the corn grow really big.  I told my mom that it was my plan to grow enough corn so that we could have fresh corn for a dinner sometime soon (for 10 people – no easy feat!).  One of the things Grandpa Craig taught me, was to put oil on the silk threads of the corn to keep the cut-worms away.

It was just a few days away from the corn being ready to be picked and I let my mom know so she could plan dinner.  On the day I was ready to pick it, I was walking down the hill from school thinking about gathering the corn for dinner… finally!  After a lot of work and waiting, I was very excited!    However, as I neared the house, I was looking towards the garden (I could see most of it from the distance) and as I got closer, it wasn’t looking right.  I couldn’t quite figure it out.  Unfortunately, as I arrived I found out that most of my garden had been destroyed.  I couldn’t quite figure out how, it was trampled somehow.  The ground crops were either gone or smashed.  All the corn was knocked down and eaten.  I was very upset and wondered what had happened?  I ran into the house and my mom told me that she was so sorry, but the neighbor’s horses got out and came over and ate my corn and most everything in my garden!

Oh yes!  No wonder!  I was noticing them behind me most everyday (behind the neighbor’s fence) as I worked day after day, week after week and month after month on my garden.  So, being telepathic, I guess they clued in when the time was right to get some corn also, or they would be out of luck!  Smart horses.  It didn’t make me feel a whole lot better to know that they were reading my thoughts and thus knew when to make their move.  I went to talk to Grandma and Grandpa Craig for comfort and decided not to grow another garden for a while.

A week or so later, one night when I was going to sleep, a few days after we had had a big thunder and lightning rainstorm, I noticed in the mirror above the dresser that there was a bright red light glowing and flickering that normally wasn’t there before.  It looked like it was shining from the top of the telephone pole behind me.  The bedroom mirror reflected the outside night sky, a telephone pole and the garage next to my room that I shared with my sister.  I kept trying to remember to check out the red light in the morning, but I usually got in a hurry to get to school on time, or just forgot.  The next night the red light was on top of the telephone pole again, but this time brighter.  By morning I forgot again and had to go to school.  Then pretty soon Friday night came, the red light was even brighter, and I thought to myself:  “Well, tomorrow is Saturday, so I should remember to look at it without having to go anywhere in the morning”.

About mid-morning on Saturday, I was wandering around alongside the back of the house, going a different way than I usually do (and had totally forgotten about the telephone pole), when all of a sudden I felt a strong urge to visit the neighbor’s horses.

Two of them were hanging around the fence next to our garage.  Even though I was told to never play there because of spiders and wildlife, I went over and started to feed and pet the horses; but they kept moving around.  Gradually, as I followed them, I found myself standing next to the telephone pole.  Then I remembered it; but, still I thought: “Wow, it seems extra hot”.  It wasn’t hot enough to burn me, but I’m thinking that telephone poles are not supposed to be like that, so I better tell my dad.

I was surprised, but my dad seemed interested and he came out of the house to check it out.   He otherwise likes to just rest on Saturdays.  While he was there, he felt it and also got very excited about the situation, especially when I told him about the red light on top of the pole at night. He then called the fire department, (which happened to be located at the top of our hill).  They were very excited also.  They said that the pole must have been struck by lightning a few days ago during the storm and it was now burning from the inside out and that if I had not noticed it, it would have eventually exploded.  My dad asked:  “If it had exploded, what part of the property would have been affected?”  The firemen said that it would of hit the garage directly, which was right next to it, but also fallen on the corner of the house and then he pointed right at my bedroom!  Wow!  I had no idea.

It took days for them to put the fire out, remove the pole and take it away and replace it with another one.  Everyone was so grateful that we found out about it before it became a bigger problem.  For me, I silently talked to the horses:  “You did this!  You led me to the burning telephone pole…  Are you making amends for eating all my corn in the garden?  Well, if so, you are now forgiven”.  And I then went into the house for some carrots to feed them and pet them some more.

A Healing for My Brother

A Healing for My Brother

One day I was visiting the Nevada City/Grass Valley area and I was ‘Running Energy’ as I call it, or ‘Doing my Thing’ (the Big Seven[1]).  I was feeling I was done in the area and it was time to move on.  As I was driving out-of-town towards the south end of Grass Valley; I received the inner message from Spirit to call my brother, Tom.

OK. That’s interesting, we haven’t spoken that often, yet we are on friendly terms, so I gave him a call. Tom answered and we spoke for a little while.  I asked how he was; he said he was ‘OK’; but wasn’t feeling that great.  He also didn’t stay on the phone very long, which is not like him.  After we hung up, I felt puzzled.  I didn’t pick up anything particularly important in our conversation, so I continued driving a bit, when again; I heard the inner voice of Spirit, Jesus in particular, guiding me:  “Go to your brother’s house and see him”.

So, I’m trying to remember where he lives and decide to call him back to let him know that I was thinking of coming by and to verify his address; but he didn’t answer this time. So, I decided to drive over there anyway, which wasn’t too far.  I had to remember where he lived, since I had only been there once before and it was a while ago.  As I arrived, I saw his familiar truck in the driveway.  It was about 7 pm and just starting to get dark when I went to the front door.  I knocked on the screen door but there was no answer.  I then, opened the screen door and knocked on the front door; still there was no answer.  I knocked harder and called out Tom’s name.  Still no answer.  I was a bit timid at first, but decided to be bolder, since Spirit sent me there for a reason and I felt I had to find out why.  So I check the front door and it was unlocked.  I then opened it a bit and called out his name: “Tom, Tom…are you home?”  Still no answer.

Slowly I stepped into his house and just kept calling his name as I moved deeper and deeper into his house calling, “Tom? Tom?”  What was also unusual was that we had just talked on the phone, so he should be around.  Also, none of the inside lights were on and it was getting dark, so something wasn’t right.  I could sense he was there in the house somewhere, not outside.  Finally, as I approached his bedroom, I saw him in his bed.  He was sick.  He must be running a fever, I thought.  He was sweating all over and he had thrown his blankets off the bed with only the sheet partially on him.  He had an empty glass (of water) on the nightstand next to him.  I again call his name, but he didn’t awaken and didn’t answer.

I became very concerned about his condition.  I know from our previous conversations that he had a history of spinal meningitis.  He has an anomaly in his spine, so that if he gets a virus, such as the flu or a cold it can turn into spinal meningitis and he says he can die.

In the moment standing there, I really didn’t know what to do.  I’m not a trained physician or a nurse.  I don’t know who his doctor is or if he even has one.  I don’t know the area or if there is a medical facility in the area or how to get him there and what about insurance?  I know he is greatly concerned about money and expenses most all the time.  All this is running through my head along with a great amount of fear and the question: “What to do?”

I decided to then go into the living room and sit down and think.  I hear Spirit now, more clearly and I hear Jesus say to me to stay with him for three days and he will be OK.  I get an inner knowing to make sure that he has water close at hand to have it as he needs it.  I am also guided to get a facecloth and get it wet in cold water and put in on his forehead to bring his fever down.  This I do, quite frequently at first and then intermittently, as needed.  I then do all I can for him in the bedroom as he rests.

As I return to the living room and sit, I ask God/Spirit on the inside: “What more should I do?  How is this going to work?”  As I calm down and relax, I receive an understanding that by being with him; just my company (Presence) will help him heal and recover (“Two or more, in my name and I am there”).   Also, that my love for my brother will be the healing agent, along with Spirit.  I also know that my brother is closely connected with Jesus, so his Faith is there, as well as mine.  As time passes, the ‘fear’ I was feeling also passes.  I also decide, that since I am perceiving this as a ‘healing’; it is best for me to continue my practice of fasting, prayer, meditation and ‘good book’ readings, while I’m in his house, so I do.

In a little while, Tom does get up and goes to the bathroom.  He occasionally notices that I am in his house.  He was quite delirious when I arrived; but slowly and surely he is coming around for a few moments at a time, or so it seems to me.

The time passes and I just keep water for him to drink, a cold compress on his forehead as needed and just stay in the house doing ‘my thing’.  Toward the middle of the third day, I can tell that Tom is getting much better.  He stays conscious longer and can say a few words after his trips to bathroom before falling back to sleep.  Finally, his fever breaks, sometime late on the third day.

That evening, after visiting the bathroom, he comes out to me in the living room and strongly proclaims:  “You saved my life!”   I look at him and then ask:  “So you are feeling better then?”  He says: “Yes!  I thought I was dying.  I was so out of it.  How long have you been here?  How did you know to come?  Oh my God, you saved my life!  I know you did!”

So, I proceeded to give him details of the last three days.  He didn’t remember anything.  He didn’t even remember the first phone call when we talked.  But, the one thing he did remember was that I was there and it had to do with his recovery.  He said he saw a very bright light of a being in his sleep and later in the living room and as he gained consciousness and the ability to walk, he came to see who/what it was.  He found out it was me [and Spirit]!

For me, it was God, Spirit, Jesus who orchestrated this healing.  I just listened, walked through fear and uncertainty into trust while expanding the love in my heart towards my brother. That is really what resulted in his ‘healing’.  What a wonderful experience for us both!  Thank you God!

Thus I say the Miracle Prayer:

“Thank you Beloved I Am Presence, God, for helping me exercise Faith today, beyond what I know and experience a miracle of grace in each moment!”

Thank you Jesus for your love and help in all this.  Amen!


[1] The Big Seven (i.e.‘Running Energy’, ‘Doing my Thing’, etc):  Prayer, fasting, meditation, silence, communing with nature, walking (movement) and focusing on God within.


Ghost Busting in Sacramento


It was sometime in 2003, while I was living in Nevada City when my friend, Sarah, called me; “Mary, my daughter has told me about a family that lives in Sacramento [CA] and they apparently have a problem with ghosts in their house and desperately need some help!”  ‘Ok’, I thought.  Then she continued:  “My daughter wants me to go out there soon to see if I can help; and since I know you talk to them all the time, I was hoping you could come with me, because I really have no idea what to do!”

“Oh, my!”  I said.  At the same time, I’m trying to think back upon our many conversations; When did I tell her I talked to ghosts?  Though I do sometimes, as directed by Spirit, I thought I kept that pretty quiet between myself and Jesus/Mother Mary. I guess it must have slipped out.  I then said, “Can you give me more information about what’s going on?”

Sarah then proceeded to tell me that her daughter, Jen, is friends with the mother, Karen, of a small family.  That includes her husband, Jeff, their daughter, Sally, who is 3 ½ yrs old, and new-born baby girl (about 3 mos. old).  They live in a new housing development in Sacramento.  Karen has fixed up the baby’s bedroom very nice and quite a long time ago.  However, every time they try to put the baby into her room at night, the baby screams and screams; not just cries, like she is being killed or something.

Karen is a special woman and mom with special intuitive gifts.  She understands that some people have extrasensory insight, vision, hearing, etc., like she does; and she has made an effort, in raising her daughter, not to shut her down whenever she comes to her about something paranormal or of an extrasensory perception nature.

So about a month or so ago when the parents started to put the baby in her own room at night, the baby would scream and scream.  The little girl, Sally, told her mom: “Mom, the baby is afraid of the ghosts that are in her room.”  Karen questioned her further for a description and Sally said, “Well, there’s a tall-skinny one, he is very mean; then there is a fat, shorter one who is ok and then there is a man-child ghost and he is nice, but he is not always there.”  She tried to get more information from Sally and from her own knowing as to why they were there and what it might take to get them to leave, but no answers came, so now she was seeking help.

Sarah, then tells me, that this has been going on for quite a while and the parents are exhausted; that they really need to get the baby to sleep in her own room for the sake of their sanity and marriage.  They have tried everything.  They keep questioning Sally, but she basically tells the same story.  The parents are at a lost as to what to do.  (“Who ya gonna to call?”)  Thus, Sarah’s daughter, Jen called her mom to see if she could help.  Sarah, my friend, is a very intuitive and sensitive person who holds women’s circles at her house as a teacher and a healer.  “So,” She says to me.  I’m thinking of driving to Sacramento next Saturday and wanted to know if you could come along and see if there is something we can do to help out.  You are more of an expert in this area than I am.”

Then, I say, “I’m not sure what I can do.  All my spirit work has been very much orchestrated by the Masters on the ‘inner’, but I’m willing to try and help out.”  As I think about it, it seemed ok to try and then I check my schedule and said: “Sure, it looks like I should be able to do that,” and we then work out the details for Saturday and hang up.

I was thinking; Wow! This is different.  I’ve been ‘lifting souls’ with God for a long time now, but this is a first, to do it with a physical audience.  I wonder what Spirit has in mind?   Later that evening, during my meditation time, I decide to hone in on this situation in Sacramento and see if I can just remotely ask the Angels to lift these beings to their next best place; but to no avail.  Apparently, Spirit (God, guided Spirit, that is…) wanted this to play out, so I am going along.

Just before Sarah comes to pick me up on Saturday, I check in with my Guides and ask if there is anything I need to bring with me before I travel.  I get an inner knowing to bring a picture of Mother Mary along with me.  I look around and found a Holy Card that had her picture and a prayer to Mother Mary on the back.

During the hour-plus drive, Sarah and I just chat, enjoying each other’s company and catching up about our daily lives.  At some point, while on the freeway, I get a great sense of humor coming in and think; This must be a part of the Candid Camera show!’ – (the old TV show).  I look around at the cars on the freeway to see if someone is filming us.  Pretty funny!  Pretty crazy!  Travelling to Sacramento to do some Ghost Busting!  So I joke with Sarah a bit, “Who ya gonna call?”

Eventually, our laughter dies down and we get more contemplative.  I think to myself;  In some ways, it is actually pretty serious, since they are disturbing ghosts and certainly not much fun for the family.  As we get closer, I start silently asking Spirit about the situation.  I’m thinking, as we enter into the neighborhood where the family lives; This is nothing like TV and movies portrayThis is a brand new residential area with new houses, it’s not like an old place that is haunted at all.

When we arrive, Sarah introduces me to Karen and Karen introduces us to her family.  We immediately go into the kitchen.  Karen continues washing dishes and cooking, while holding the baby and talking to Sarah.  The husband is home, but he is really keeping his distance.  Because I am in such a sensitive state (to do my work), I can read his field pretty clearly.  He is skeptical about us being there, but he is desperate to get some help in this situation.  He loves his wife and family, and if she thinks these people can help, OK, he’ll be patient and see.  I watch him pacing back and forth, here and there, sometimes going outside and then coming back in.  I feel his thoughts; I’m willing to give this a try, but if there is any funny business, they’re outta here!

Pretty soon, little Sally comes bouncing into the kitchen to visit with us.  Seeing that her mom is busy talking with Sarah, she comes over to the table to visit me.  I feel to pull out the Mother Mary card and ask Sally if she knows who this lady is.  She says, “No.”  I tell her that is it Mother Mary.  Sally says that she thinks she is very pretty.  I say to her that Mother Mary would like to be her friend and ask her if she would like that.  Sally says, “Yes!”  I tell her that she can keep the card if she wants.  Sally is very happy and tells me that she has a special place in her room where she keeps special things and she would like to take the card now and put it there.  I say, “OK.”  And she runs off.

I now receive inner guidance to go down the hall.  Sarah and Karen are occupied talking and the husband is outside, as far as I know.  I seem to be clearly guided to just go straight down the hall and then turn into the room on my right.  It’s the baby’s room.  I see it is freshly decorated, very nice and pretty.  There is a crib, a single bed, dresser, closet, etc., everything really clean and new.  I sit down on the twin bed and I feel to focus my attention into the corner of the room that is near the head of the crib.  I don’t physically see anything, but I close my eyes and then I do see.  First, I see all three ghosts standing there.  There is, from left to right, a tallish, all white man-child spirit; in the middle, a short-heavy set, middle aged man and dressed in street clothing of about 100 years ago; and then, a tall, thin man, also dressed in similar clothing.

My intuition guides me to talk to the ‘man-child’ ghost first.  As I still have my eyes closed, I focus on him and feel into his energy (almost like energetically reaching out with my right hand into his auric field), to communicate.  His energy feels good to me.  I know he is an Ascended Master, in that; he mastered his life on this Earthly plane and that is now physically represented by his appearance of being a tallish, white-light person.  I receive a telepathic impression about the child-like image that is overlaid on his body.  It looks like he is both a man and a child about 5 yrs old.  I sense an event happened that created this image and thus a ‘split’ or image double, that I am seeing.

Telepathically he says“I’ve called you here to help in this situation.  I am here with these other two beings, who seem to be having problems resolving issues here.  You see, we (spirits) come to planet Earth as an opportunity to play different roles, such as:  The Victim, the Perpetrator and the Witness.  These are lessons set-up by our Soul in the form of a Triad to be tested before we can graduate to the Higher Realms of ‘Heaven’.  We all take turns in each role.  Playing the role as the Perpetrator, the soul lesson is: ‘This time, not to pull the trigger.’  This time as the Victim: ‘To forgive.’  And, this time, in the role of the Witness, ‘To not bear fault witness, to observe and not create more injury.’”

He then tells me: “All three of us are on the same ‘Soul-line’ and have already had 10 incarnations playing these roles with each other.  We are now up for new bodies to reincarnate again, but; What is the point?  These two haven’t gotten it yet!  These two are still in the astral field, where living experience is not as dense as it is in a physical Earth body; and still they aren’t getting it!  It should be easier here, without the density and less energetic resistance to understand the benefit of making the higher choice of forgiveness and love because we are all part of the One.  If they can’t ‘get it’, here, then what’s the point of going back into a denser situation and just repeating the same mistakes, losing more bodies and creating more grief?  My brothers here can’t seem to hear me or their own Spirit very clearly, so I called you to the house to help out and explain the situation to everyone.”

What I understand, is that, by me telepathing with the ghosts (spirits), while I’m in a physical body and talking to physical people also, I’m bridging the dimensional realms so the ghosts can clearly hear and understand the situation more clearly; basically because I’m in a denser, physical body and I can come though and they can hear the communication more clearly, strongly, into their level of awareness/dimension and I can also share this information with people here, to their benefit.

I pull back my energy and ponder what has just taken place.  I then center my attention back into wholeness and double-check that my Guides and Angels are here.  I receive directions now to proceed with the shorter, heavy-set man in the middle.  He says: “Thank you, after hearing what my brother just said, it is so much more clear.  In this last lifetime, I was the father of the person you just spoke too.  He was my son.  When he was just 5 yrs old, he watched me get shot and killed, right in front of his eyes.  Yet, somehow he was able to finish living his life and forgave all that happened, including the killer/perpetrator.”

I again pulled back my energy and sat on the bed taking in all that was being communicated.  I could feel this man’s feelings clearly; his sadness, his regret and now a sense of more understanding.  I waited until I felt my Guides and Angels give me the ok to communicate with the third man.  I energetically reached out, in a loving, trusting way and …. “Ouch!”  What pain I felt!  I stopped right then and there!  I felt energetically wounded;  “Help!”  I called to my angels!  I needed them to repair my auric field and also enclose that man in a ‘Tube of Light’, so I wouldn’t be harmed in my effort to communicate with him.

I waited while the Angels, Guides and Masters did this… I was a bit timid to even try again.  I felt ‘burnt’ and I didn’t want to feel that again.  Eventually, I felt ready to try again.  This time as I energetically moved forward, I felt him completely enclosed and contained in White Light, yet he could still express himself.  This man was still energetically raging!  He was emphatically yelling:  “You don’t understand!  He killed my son!”  I stopped at that point not needing to listen to him anymore.  I pulled back.  In a flash of a moment, I understood.  He was given an overlay of a previous life and a previous wound in this last life (and the opportunity to forgive and this time as the perpetrator, not to pull the trigger (again)); but instead he chose to deepen the wound/karma even more and still was retaining his anger.

Just about then, when I finished that communication/knowing, I had moved onto the floor with my back against the wall to rest.  Shortly thereafter, both Sarah and Karen came into the room.  They were talking and laughing.  They both sat on the twin bed.  “So,” Karen said, “Are they gone now?” in a playful manner.  I answered, “Well, it’s not exactly that easy.”  Then she said, “Can’t you just ask them to leave?”  I told her that actually, as soon as I had heard about her situation, I checked in with my Guides to have the ghosts leave (remotely can work too – from Nevada City) and they said there was more to the story than just having them leave, and this needed to be played out for everyone’s benefit.

I then I proceeded to tell Karen and Sarah what was going on and the conversations I was having with the ghosts.  They listened intensely.  Now was the tricky part for me, as I need to have a three-way, inter-dimensional conversation including, my Guides.  I go into silence and ask my Guides, “Now what?”  I get confirmation that indeed the Man-child has ascended, he forgave, in that and many lifetimes and has merged with his Soul, thus the brighter light of his body and the reason his field felt good was because of the love he was able to bring forth.  He is able to come and go at will, so no problem with him.

My guides confirm that they are going to take the tall, thin, angry man and put him in a ‘Compound of Light’, so that he can listen, if he wants too, but he will not be any more trouble and after all this is done, he will be removed from the room and the house and be taken a better place.  Finally, they say, I am to now check back with the heavy-set man and talk to him.

I stop communicating on the interdimensional planes again to bring Karen and Sarah up to speed with this information.  When I’m done, I pause and again energetically reach forward to communicate with this man.  His energy seems OK.  A little sad perhaps.  He telepaths, “OK, I get it.  This conversation between us all has lifted the veil enough for me to understand a lot more.  I also understand that it is important for me to be going to my next step [in life] and not staying around here.  OK.  But there is one more thing…”  So I wait until he can formulate his thoughts/words.  He says, “I’m ready to go even now; but, I made a promise to little Sally here, that I would not ever leave her, as she asked me.  So, I need to be released from that promise.”

I realize this is very valuable information on many levels, not just in this situation, but that when we make commitments, promises, vows, contracts, proclamations while in this physical body on this physical plane, it definitely carries through to all realties and dimensions (so it is very important to be careful what one commits too, either in anger or love!)

I communicate what the heavy-set man said to Karen and Sarah.  Karen then says, “Ok, then, all we have to do is have Sally release him from his promise then!”  She looks at me and I shrug, meaning, ‘I guess so’.  Meantime, Karen starts to call Sally into the room.  She had not been there the whole time; nor had the husband.  He peaked in a few times, but really just kept walking by as far as I knew.

“Sally, Sally, come in here please!”  Her mom called her.  Pretty soon, Sally came bouncing into the room, very happy and went right to her mom’s lap.  “Yes, mommy?” Sally said with a smile on her face.  “Honey, we’ve been talking to the ghosts and they are all ready to leave, but the shorter, heavy ghost says that he can’t leave without your permission.  So, will you let him go?” said Karen as she sat looking into her daughters face with a big smile and nodding her head up and down as to help Sally agree with her.  Then Sally’s faced changed and she shouted, “NO!” and turned around and ran out of the room.

Her mom was shocked!  Both Karen’s and Sarah’s mouth dropped open in disbelief.  I felt to cut in quickly to offset this impact, as Karen started to go after Sally, and I said, “Wait a minute, please!  Calm down, it’s OK, let’s find out what’s happening here.  There’s got to be a reason and perhaps more to the story.”  First, I went to my guides and was given a bit of insight as to Sally’s point of view.  They showed me how Sally was really an old soul in a young body and had exceptional psychic and manifesting abilities.  I saw how when she was young and an only child, she had mom and dad to herself, especially mom.  So pretty much anytime she wanted to play, her parents were available.  When mom was pregnant and mostly at home, Sally got use to it and loved it.  However, once the baby was born, though it was ok, it also meant that mom, especially, was so busy, she didn’t have time like before, to play with Sally.  Sally being a precocious child, started to dream-create a friend to come and play with her.  Well energetically and astral-physically, the ghost ‘Uncle Joe’ shows up!  A perfect energetic match!  Although, not the highest choice.

As I relayed this to Karen, I watched her face change to receiving insight and an ‘Ah-ha!’  “So that explains when sometimes I went by Sally’s room and she was talking and playing, she ‘really was’ talking to someone!  Oh, my!”

Then I went back to the heavy-set man and ask him what was going on with him.  He sent me a full, telepathic story also: “You see, after I lost my life, I was sad that I wasn’t going to be able to raise my son the way I had hoped too.  I wandered around for the longest time, first trying to contact my son, friends and people and places I knew, but to no avail.  Eventually, I felt a pull, a calling to come here to this house in Sacramento.  I then met Sally.  I knew she was part of my family (soul-family) somehow.  I told her to call me ‘Uncle Joe’.  She was lonely and energetically reaching out for someone to play with and be around.  To us, it was perfect.  She had a playmate that was mostly always available and I had an opportunity to find some peace with my situation from my last life.  You see, these people here, this family is living the life I always wanted to.  They are loving to each other.  They have a great marriage, a nice house, a good family.  Everything I always wanted for my son and I, but it didn’t happen.  But now, I understand.  I need to let go of this attachment and get on with my greater mission and connect with my Soul and let the people and the situations of this world go.”

I then turned back to explain all this to Karen.  She was calm and understanding more.  I felt guided to say, “Don’t worry, just give Sally some more time.  Her Guides and Spirit will help her through this transition.”  I also mentioned that I gave Sally a Holy Card of Mother Mary.  I let her know that Mother Mary offered a connection to her, for Sally to have a friend from the ‘higher realms’, to gently guide Sally away from etheric beings of lower vibration that really don’t serve her highest good hanging around.  Her mom was grateful for that and I could see she was pondering her own spirituality and subsequent teaching to her children.  She mentioned that they didn’t really have a spiritual/religious practice in place for the family yet and now it was obviously time to contemplate doing that, probably very much past due.

I then ’tuned in’ for any more information before we departed and I did get one more important message.  It was an answer to a question also: “Why here, why now, why this family?”  It was an answer from the Master Man-child.  He said, “Just like I revealed the Karmic Triad between my two brothers and I; I came to let you know that you, Karen, that Sally and your mother are playing the same karmic role.  I came to let you know and give insight so you all can take the ‘higher road’ of choice.  I know it’s not easy, but it is so important for your Soul and Soul-group.  That’s why we are really here living ‘classroom’ planet Earth.  To love and not hate in the face of adversary.  It’s my gift to you and really to myself, to help my soul and soul-group, to impart what I have learned and experienced to hopefully make lives better.

At that point, the insight I received was: ‘Since the Lighter, man-child Spirit orchestrated this communication from the ‘other side’, as we say, he was definitely earning ‘stars’ in his crown as he chose to serve this family, his soul-family and humanity in this way’.

We all finished up then.  I gave thanks and gratitude to my Guides, Masters, Angels and to the ‘ghosts’ for their participation, communication, clarity and help as needed.  We had a lot to ponder after all that had transpired.  I also felt that the Universe was perfect in how it put us all together; the ghosts showing up where they were had to do with their Soul journey; they were not random, nor was time and place specific to locations, but based on Soul-line connections!

A more complete closure came about two months later, when Karen e-mailed me and was very happy because Sally had decided to let Uncle Joe go after all and she was proud of herself that she hadn’t pressured her and let her wait until she was fully ready.

God bless us all, in all realms, realities and dimensions!

Faith as Fuel in the Car

Faith as Fuel in the Car

My friend William is a very special person.  I knew him as Wil.   He was open to all possibilities and maybe that is why he lived and experienced a different life than most people.  One day while we were visiting, he told me of an experience in his life that I enjoyed hearing very much, so I thought I’d share it with you.  To me, his story is what magic and dreams are made of….


I was planning a road-trip across the country [USA]; so, in preparation, I needed to get a few things done on my car.  I took it into an auto-repair shop where I had gotten to know the mechanics pretty well.  In fact, Tom, my friend now, was the person who mostly worked on my car.  Tom and I liked to chit-chat about paranormal experiences and metaphysical philosophies and over the years we became good friends.  In this last visit, as Tom was finishing up with a few minor repairs on my car, he stepped over to me and said:  “You know, I can fix it so that your car will never need gas.”  I said, “Cool, you can?  Awesome!  Go ahead, I’d love it!”   Then Tom stepped away and turned towards the car.  In the meantime, another friend came by and I got engaged in conversation with him.  The most I noticed about Tom ‘working magic’, was that he just walked around the car, talking to it and had his palms out towards it, like doing a blessing.

When he was done, he came over and we finished up the conversation where we both agreed: “Its all about energy and vibration in this world to manifest what one wants.”  He mentioned that: Now, I just need to keep ‘Faith’ in what he said, believe in the possibilities of magic [high vibration] and not to doubt [low vibration].  I then paid the bill and said my good-byes.

A while later, I am leaving on my trip and notice I have about a quarter tank of gas and normally I’d stop and fill-up before departing.  This time, though, I decided to ‘Keep the Faith’ and see what would happen.   I turned on some really good music and was driving in a great state of Joy, just appreciating the beauty of this world, Earth and looking forward to my next adventure.  The miles and hours passed by like minutes….God, how I love great music!!!

Driving down the highway, a while longer, the warning light came on about needing gas.  I was maintaining my great mood and I said to myself, “Hey, it’s cool.  No worry.”  And, I let it go.” [that was Will’s usual phrase….’let it go’.]   Pretty soon, the car started to sputter and kind-of have small, jerking actions as it was running out of gas.   I started to move into the slow lane and then look for a place to pull over to the side of the road…. but then, the Magic happened!  The car was still moving in the momentum of the regular gas which now was gone, when a completely different energy came into the car.  It was like the car was suddenly powered by jet fuel!  The car had a completely different sound!  A higher pitch.  Smooth.  High vibe.  I was ecstatic!!!  How cool is this?  Awesome!  My car is running on Light energy and my car sounded like a jet engine!  No more buying gas for me!  I love my friends!!!

[I then asked Will, “Does your car still run on Light energy now?”  He said no.  It stopped a while ago.]  He said it happened like this:

My journey, over the years, took me to many places and I met many people.  I could see etheric energy most of the time and enjoyed all that I did experience.  All was well and everything was going really great.  Then one time I was in California and ‘I got it,’ I was to pick up this young lady, Julie, and we were to travel through Nevada and go to Arizona.  Everything was going well.  A couple of days into the trip, we were driving through the desert near Las Vegas, it had to be well over a hundred degrees, and we had this conversation:

Julie says:  “Hey Will, I noticed your gas gage says it’s on empty, maybe we better get some gas.”  Will says: “No, it’s ok.  The gage is broken and there is plenty of gas.” (In the meantime, Will tells me that he already knew that Julie was young and just discovering her path and had not gotten to the point of believing in the magic of Light energy in physical action on this earthly plane, so he didn’t feel he could explain to her this paranormal phenomena right then and there).  Julie says:  “Ok.”   Then a little while passes and  Julie thinks about it and says:  “I understand what you said, but how then do you know then, when to get gas?  I wouldn’t be such pest about this, but we are in the middle of the desert, in the summer heat which has to be 110° or more, and it would be a real bummer to run out of gas and air conditioning.”  Will replies: “I just fill it up and then calculate how far I can drive and it is always ok.”  (he tells me he is happy, still feeling self-assured and smiling while he answers her….still holding a really good vibe.)  Some times passes, then Julie says:  “Ok, this is my last time to bother you about this…if I didn’t feel it was so important, I’d let it go too, but I’ve been traveling with you now for days, and we haven’t stopped to get gas!”   Will is now feeling stuck.  No quick answer.  She is just not ‘there’ in knowing and experience and explaining magic isn’t going to work.  Will knows it is a low vibe to feel you are not telling the truth.  He waits a while and just says:  “Hey, can you just let it go, ok?”   Julie says: “Sure.”  And true to her word, she spoke no more about it.

The rub is that Will couldn’t let it go.  He turned up the tunes.  His favorite songs.  He even started humming, drumming his fingers on his knee, trying to hold his happy vibe.  He was doing well.  As the time passed the silence between him and Julie grew.  He could feel the heaviness of the energy between them draining away his Joy.  The music was good, the scenery good, the future good….but the moment…the now…it was changing.

As he let his mind relax in between the music, his sub-conscious mind started to work on his thoughts… “What if?”  Slowly, but surely, doubt started to creep in.  His vibe was getting lower, he was losing his smile and self-assured attitude…his Joy was slipping away.   He consciously acknowledged that he was sitting next to Julie, and thereby sharing her auric field in a small space.  The Law of Opposite Expression was plain to feel and the resistance was building between them.  Finally, in a wandering-mind, sort of way, doubt got a foothold and he had the thought:  “What if we did run out of gas?”  In that very instant, the car lost energy, started to slow down and the sound went from a nice high-pitch tone to being quiet, very quiet…. Yes!  As if answer to his thoughts, the universe complied, they are indeed out of gas.

[I asked Will if he ever he went back to Tom to get his car ‘fixed’ again and he said no.  He had lost the location and when he thought he found the shop again, Tom wasn’t there.]  Wil can be very philosophical also.  He said, “Anyway, that wasn’t the point.  It was a lesson.”  He got years of free gas and living in the magic of ‘Being’ in Light and it is an awesome ‘high-vibe’ experience…one we are all here to master…no matter how it manifests.  The magic is within us.  He was a co-creator with Tom and they had a goal of creating ‘magic’ and they did.  When with Julie, they co-created doubt.  But the point is to master ‘Self’ and maintain the magic within….even in the face of contrast…all around us also.   Self-mastery is the key.  In conclusion all he said was: “Peace”. [One of his favorite sayings].

And peace be with you….Wil…as you shared your gift of stories with me, I now share with others, though you have passed on to other worlds….God bless you and the love we shared.