In the beginning… Living on Loving Light

Living on God’s Loving Light

What if you woke up one day and fully realized that you had done it all?  Everything.  Had every occupation, every experience, even creating this experience?  That you could chose to have any aspect of yourself come into your body and do, what you might not think you can currently do, just by asking, via thought, to God?

After sorting through my feeling regarding this; I decided then, that there is only one thing left to experience on this Earthly plane, an intense, loving relationship with God.  God in me.  I know God’s Loving Light is the source of my energy!  Physical food is optional.

How best to connect with God, since God is everywhere and in everything?  No sooner asked then answered:  I was reminded of a childhood experience (at about 8 yrs old), when God had me reaffirm out loud to myself:  “I know these people think they are my parents, and they are nice enough people, but I know ‘You’ are really my parents.”  As I looked at the thick, white mist swirling around my head in the bathroom, gazing into the mirror….”Whoever you are…?”   Then in that moment, I remembered God and where I came from (Source).  I was devastated that I could have forgotten God!

The inner conversation continued and I was guided to now say this out loud:  “Ok, ok, I’ll say it out loud if you want me too:  I know we don’t have to eat, drink, sleep or even breathe, and we certainly don’t have to get sick and die; but, they believe that here, so we do.”

After a few more conversations with ‘God’; I was told my life would change around the year 2000… and it did… I woke up!

Physically, I had an intense body cleansing by Spirit.  I essentially had a severe, 4-day flu, every week for 4 months.  When that was finished, I was aware of most all of my extra-sensory abilities and could utilize them.  Thus, my association of intensely experiencing ‘God in me’; via my favorite tools as I know them:  Prayer (intention), Fasting from physical food (but living on Light), Meditation, Silence, being in Nature, physical Movement and best of all, focusing on the loving God-within.  Learning to have love, compassion and self-acceptance of myself and finding balance in my Heart with all parts/aspects of me.

I know God/Spirit beats my heart and breaths my body; God’s Grace.  I know I don’t want anything to come between me and God, no deviations. The intensity of that bond is “My daily bread” and sustains me.  Jesus, Mother Mary and St. Germain are all part of my Spiritual Team and various Guides helping me every step of the way and still are always with me, as are other Ascended Masters, Saints, Sages and Enlightened Ones.

My new God-job looks like ‘Being’, i.e.: Living very simply, in peace, listening-silence, flowing with The Field, knowing that Source is the provider of my needs, wants and desires.  I believe and have witnessed miracles; but also realize that miracles are the physical manifestations of God’s Grace and utilization of the Universal Laws.

I traveled many places around the world since 2001 (17 yrs) and I discovered that this life-style, without eating much physical food, being close to God suited me.  Late in 2004, my Spirit and Guides had me return to the U.S. after a 3 mo. trip to Asia.  At that point, I felt I had hit an energetic wall…hard!  I questioned Spirit and asked: “Why I was here, back in the U.S.?  Why not stay in Asia where the people are more open to these ideas?”  But my Spirit told me that my work was here.  “Bring the teachings of the East to the West.”  So, now it has been my life to live my truth here in the U.S. as best I can.  During my world travels, I went to ancient places and knew my former self as an Immortal Being, living on God’s Love and Light.  I know that is what the true Garden of Eden is.  Full awareness of God in Self (and others).

My guides told me that I am a Solarian (Soul-Air-I-Am).  It may look like a Breatharian, living on air/light or etheric energy; but, that is not my focus.  Awareness and insights are a byproduct of my focus.  My focus is God-Mother-Heart-Body union.  Just like cellular rejuvenation, regeneration, health, immortality, and other etheric abilities that are revealed along this path… these are all byproducts of my electro-magnetic, 4 body (Spirit, Mind, Heart and Body ) God-Union; embodying my Soul and Divine Plan for the benefit of Self and All.

Blessings of  Peace,

Celeste Mary


Published by

Celeste Mary

After a major transformation in 2001, I found I could go long periods of time without much food or water. I also traveled the world on many magical/miraculous journeys with Spirit for about 17 yrs. I am writing now to share some of those experiences with others.

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